Philippines + Olympics 2008: A Big Fat ZERO

Written By bryanboy

A Big Fat ZERO

So tell me, how does this make you feel?

Meanwhile, where's my JAR/Boucheron/Verdura platinum medal for putting the Philippines on the map?

Just kidding. I need a haircut.


  1. Giorgio

    oh c’mon darling i thought sport and talking about it was so demodé… you should rather check how many exits manish arora had in the spring summer 07 season for instance *kidding*
    seriously, i hate the olympics and the whole buzz surrounding it! it’s just gathering a bunch of fugly, muscle-packed people, who don’t know anything about style or fashion…besides they even faked the olympics’ opening :))) haha as if the LV’s and the gucci weren’t enough :P sorry guys that’s the truth ;-)

  2. to Giorgio: I highly disagree about your statement that olympics is just a gathering of a bunch of fugly, muscle-packed people… actually, THERE ARE A LOT OF EYE CANDY in the current olympics…
    hehehe…. THEY’RE HOT! ;)

  3. terrible.
    anyway, that photo is so good! who shot it? was the effect deliberate or an accident? it’s beautiful nevertheless. and it doesn’t hurt that you look olga-thin here :-)
    to giorgio: i don’t think there are non-fasyon people in the olympics. try reading the cut of nymag. i mean at least they talk about it

  4. I suppose Philippines has never been a country big on sports or invested a lot of money into developing talent in this field. It’s not a really, really huge issue though, right? And besides, quite a handful of countries don’t win any medals either. so it’s okay.
    Giorgio: So what if the ‘fugly, muscled-packed people’ don’t know anything about style or fashion? There are DIFFERENT TYPES of people in the world you know, and not everybody is supposed to take interest in the things YOU like. You don’t like the Olympics, fine, turn it off and don’t watch it, but don’t bash the Olympians who have trained hard, have amazing determination and focus, just because YOU don’t agree with them.

  5. i think you deserve to have a gold medal for being so artistic and fashionable, and hey! im so impressed that you are very proud being a true blue filipino!!!

  6. day dreamer

    re: not winning any golds…
    an awful truth indeed but it is by no means the pinoy athletes’ fault. i bet they trained their asses off for these games. it’s not an easy feat to qualify for the olympics so it goes without saying that they really deserve to be there and be recognized as part of the world’s best. I’M SO DARN PROUD OF THEM!
    the gov’t–well, yeah partly to blame coz of the lack of support. yes, there are some efforts here and there but really not quite enough.
    lastly, we may not be olympic darlings (tho we do excel in some sports like bowling, billiards & boxing)…let’s just focus on the positive and recognize the fields where there are pinoy talents really representin’— visual & performing arts, etc, etc, (too many examples! look it up on wikipedia) and of course, fashion! (monique lhullier, etc)
    yup, the phils is third world, many people are starving but that ain’t all we’re about. time to show THE WHOLE SPECTRUM of things happening out here. it is the responsibility of pinoys with a conscience (hope ur one, bry — great chance to that esp. with all ur foreign readers:))) to HIGHLIGHT THE GOOD along with EXPOSING THE BAD– just a thought.

  7. BB, with regards to ure haircut, get it trimmed and then bleach it! dare you ;P

  8. We’re not winning any medals because the government isn’t interested in putting money into the country’s olympic committee.
    Most of the athletes who compete for the Philippines train on their own, with little financial support from the government.
    Plus, your average Filipino doesn’t even care about the Olympics anyways, they’d rather watch Wowowee or some retarded-ass teleserye, who’s storyline is the same in each and every damn episode. lol.

  9. well, it not a surprise at all if no Pinoy won in the olympics. Our athletes are good and I think we could have some of the best if the gov’t will really spend for their training and other logistic matters. Instead of just thinking of their own pockets, these politicians should do something useful that can add pride to the nation by supporting all our athletes in events like the olympics. Anyway, these dirty leaders of our nation rather spend the money watching the olympics and have fun than spend for their own athletes who participated in Beijing or rather take the shame of not winning any medal than lose their money.

  10. you dont need a hair cut – your hair is the only thing about you that looks cool.

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