Philippine Airlines Redux

Written By bryanboy

Philippine Airlines Redux

Some of you might remember my little trip to Philippine Airlines last month. Well, I went to the ticket office yesterday afternoon. In the essence of saving time (which is probably unheard of by PAL), I’ll post photos and I’ll let you connect the dots to guess what exactly happened.

Last month I was #748… yesterday I was #718.

What do you think? Sounds good? Now go. Click click click click!

30 minutes later…

15 minutes later…


Who wants to connect the tail to the pony?

Tell me the story!

Now go Gucci Ghesquiere go!


  1. suggest you go at night (since they close at 10pm, If I’m not mistakern) when there are less customers. I usually go there at around 8:00 and get served within the same hour. You can also try the PAL macapagal avenue (near PNB) branch.

  2. That’s terrible!! Even the congestion at their airport terminal looks bad. They’re always bragging about how they are flying from such a great terminal but from the looks of it, it’s only just hype.

  3. jap boi

    if i see correctly!! you left with a ticket without waiting in line!!!
    girlfriend if i`m right!!! ur fierceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

  4. shabooya

    PAL sucks balls. Everytime i fly there i take JAL. Much better service

  5. Jessica

    hahahaha PAL the last time I went on it was when I was 4, i always take singapore Airlines, even going back to Philippines
    thats just so funny. PAL. what a funny name for an airline.

  6. Jennifer

    PAL. PAL. PAL. wow.
    take singapore airlines. first class! you’ll have the time of your life.

  7. gabolicious

    pal blows like a two dollar whore.. with all my bad experiences with pal, id rather slice my wrists and dump myself in a tub of lard to drown before i take pal again

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