My New Best Friends

Written By bryanboy

My New Best Friends

Meet my new best friends. Hahaha!

I had the honor and pleasure of speaking to various Chinese magazine editors (YanBing Zeng who is Vogue China's chic Managing Editor, Cosmopolitan China's Fashion Editor – Abby Bi, Miriam Zhang of Oggi in Shanghai, Sunny Zhu, Editor of Para Life and the lovely and super friendly Mocca Ling, the Assistant Fashion Editor of In Style China who I bumped into at the Marc by Marc Jacobs store in Landmark.

Now. Click click click!

Anyway, I had goosebumps when I met YanBing Zeng because I'm a super big fan of Vogue China. They've come a long way ever since they launched in 2005. I may not be able to read or speak Chinese but I keep track of their fashion editorials! In fact, this image has been my desktop wallpaper for quite some time. Amazing!

Speaking of Cosmo, don't forget to buy their August 2008 issue. I would LOVE to have my own physical copy — I was featured there in their Fashion Bloggers story which can be found here. Thank you SO much for the lovely mention.

Right from the very beginning, I've always said China is the future. I'm gonna make the conscious effort to immerse myself in their culture and learn more about the Chinese, especially Chinese fashion. I'll definitely go back to Beijing AND visit Shanghai soon.

And to my new Chinese friends, this is what I can say…

I love you all and I REALLY look forward to meeting you again soon!


  1. Glenn a

    Wow. I realt the Chinese Message, I could not understand it in full but I understood some block of text though :d

  2. What a big surprise to see my article linked in your blog. So glad you like the article that I wrote for Chinese COSMO Aug issue. Have fun in Hong kong~

  3. lily cat

    My English is worse ,so haha
    I'll write some chinese words to you
    非常喜欢你,连MARC JACOBS都为你设计了BB BAG
    呵呵···YOU ARE SO COOL!作为一个中国大陆女孩
    我有不少GAY FRIENDS也是很喜欢穿女装,而且你们都穿出了自己的风格,很漂亮

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