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My NYC mole told me that she's been told that Lily Donaldson and Michael Phelps allegedly met on a shoot and they are seeing each other. I think it's fabulous… the marriage of fashion and sport… who knew?

Isn't Michael Phelps adorable?

Michael Phelps with ugly teeth, posing with a fan.

Click click click!

In any case, I love Mr. Butterface. I love Lily Donaldson too.

Lily Donaldson


Michael Phelps smiling

Lily Donaldson with Caroline Trentini

I MEAN COME ON! Anyone who's dating Michael Phelps is a GOLD DIGGER for sure!!!!!!

Lily Donaldson for Gucci Hysteria

Lily definitely hit the jackpot on this one — and I'm not talking about cash cause homegirl is expensive! Hahhahahahaha!

Someone should think of a name ala TomKat etc.

That's all!


  1. hey bryan! explore hammer throw… koji murofushi (japanese romanian) is such a cutie

  2. ofaj… nope. that’s trentini not lily.
    according to my friend, it could be on a shoot or via weber… but yeah they’re definitely seeing each other… so there.

  3. I don’t think Lily would be a gold digger…she’s from a pretty rich family herself.

  4. I honestly don’t think he makes that much money.
    He doesn’t get money from the olympics, just endorsements from companies.
    Also, sorry to say, but he’ll be old news by next month.
    Athletes are always hyped during the Olympics, but sooner or later, people start going who?!??!

  5. I think what Brian was thinking when he said “gold digger” was phelp’s 8 golds in the recent Beijing olympics…. not in the ” i just want your money” context

  6. nichole

    did i miss something? isn’t lily dating vladimir restoin roitfeld?

  7. WHAT????!!!!!
    Isn’t she dating Carine Roitfeld’s son? WTF — Phelps is mine!

  8. Haha michily is hilariously perfect!
    I second mahret’s suggestion.
    Although Phelps does look tons better with the boyishly floppy hair.

  9. janelle

    i was watching the news this morning and they had an interview with him. they asked him to clear up a few things, & michael said that he got a text about him dating a “actress or model” and he said thats not true.
    either hes keeping it a secret or just not seeing her?

  10. Kee Kee

    lilly is so not a gold digger! she’s well off herself anyways! oh well i guess there’s something about phelps that lilly is attracted to.

  11. ButterBoy

    Hahahaha “butterpussy” is the funniest thing I’ve heard in a while!!!!! LMAO!!!

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