Dita Von Teese in Manila

Written By bryanboy

Dita Von Teese

As some of you already know, Dita Von Teese is currently here in Manila.

For about US$200,000 (or 8 million pesoses), Dita was flown here by top Filipino cosmetic surgeon Dr. Vicky Belo to celebrate 18 years of service. Here's a photo of Dita Von Teese performing at Dr. Vicky's Venetian Themed Ball.

Dita Von Teese in Manila
Photo: Thefashpack

Dita is soo pretty!


  1. OH MY GOD! i love dita! the modern goddess is here in manila na? cant wait for more pictures!!! =D

  2. pretty hats, too! they should replace those mass-produced “blairbands” lol

  3. why is she here in manila???
    srsly tho, i thought of ontd when you posted this. i think i spend too much time there.

  4. One of the chicest women in the world is here? Oh my goodness. Bryan, you must tell us why she is in the, as you fondly called, the land of the l’exotique and the natives.
    She has flawless skin, no?

  5. fashown

    she’s here for a private event tomorrow.. which is Dra. Vicky Belo’s Venetian Ball Birthday Celebration! :D

  6. frockwriter

    She looks like Jodhi Meares in these shots. Has she, um, had a little Belo work done?
    What’s her Belo connection anyway?

  7. No Belo work for her! Hahaha!
    Dr. Vicky Belo is a big fan of her so she invited Dita over. That woman has LOTS of cash to burn because of the success of her practice. She has cosmetic surgery/beauty treatment clinics (ie. facials, botox and what have you) all over the place here in the Philippines ala Starbucks!
    I smell an endorsement deal in the works…

  8. Belo invited her over to attend the Belo Medical Clinic’s 18th anniv with a Venetian theme (8-08-08) at the Shangri-la.
    Belo will be opening her clinic in the US soon. I think she is working it out with Dita Von Teese to endorse her establishment.

  9. what?!?!?!?!?! ohmygod i have a girk crush on her!!! i love dita!!!

  10. Chula Vista

    Aaawww. Mich looks so cute also beside her. So brown and soft looking! I want to pinch her cheeks or playfully punch her!
    Dita VT looks so retro! I love it! I wonder how she looks without make? You think the paparazzi can ever take her pic while she’s in a sweatshirt or in a jogging suit????

  11. DAMN!! my friend got an invite to that. can’t believe she didn’t tell me she saw DITA VON TEESE. THE DITA VON TEESE

  12. I can’t believe they made all the blogs take down the photos. :(
    It made it to PerezHilton.com though. Hehe.
    I looooove Dita Von Teese. I can’t believe she was HERE! :)

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