Martin & Yoshiko Webb

Written By bryanboy

Martin & Yoshiko Webb

Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of meeting the most good-looking chica couple I've ever seen in the longest time: the handsome Martin and the beautiful Yoshiko Webb.

Click click click!

Martin and Yoshiko are from Japan and they're here in Manila for a holiday. I was soo nervous at first. I can say this with all honesty that I'm usually petrified of beautiful people let alone beautiful AND stylish people — and we all know I'm neither one of them haha.

Martin is the Tokyo-based contributor of Diane Pernet's A Shaded View on Fashion (where I first saw Martin). He also contributes to Numéro Tokyo magazine.

One word: FEROSH

We had a lovely dinner, had a few drinks and we also went dancing.

I swear… they're very, very friendly, not to mention sweet!

They also gave me cute presents… a pair of Marc Jacobs sunglasses, a white shirt and a pair of black shorts from Soe (a cutting-edge menswear label in Tokyo designed by Soichiro Ito). Thank you, thank you, thank you!

You guys have to check out Soe. They make beautiful, chica white shirts!

Amazing, innit?

I got them a coffee table book as well as random knick-knacks by Filipino artists. My friend from Mexico joked that I should've given them rubies and diamonds so the next time I see them I would get the whole Vivienne Westwood fashion closet. Haha.

I really had a wonderful time. Now I'm even motivated to save more $$$ so one day I'll haul my ass to Tokyo for once and for all.

Hope to see you guys again soon!


  1. Were you in Greenbelt? My sister saw you there! Haha, she was wearing skinny jeans, gold peep toe pumps, pink racer back, black sequined vest!

  2. It’s funny that you said you were nervous at meeting them for the first time and yet on the first picture the three of you are all over each other. The three of you look great though. Chica to the highest level of all levelling! And I really like your Pierre Hardin(?) shoes.

  3. Yoshiko Kris-Webb

    Thank you so much for your lovely comments. I was also nervous coz he is THAT Bryan Boy. I loved that it was reserved in the name of Bryan Boy at SALA(Greenbelt).
    Thank you SOOOOO much for everything, Bryan!!
    We really had a lot of fun.
    Next will be “Bryan Night” in Tokyo!?!?
    P.S. My dress is Marc by Marc Jacobs.

  4. Martin Webb

    Thanks so much for this post, Bryan!
    You are such a sweetie …
    We really enjoyed Silence and the other gifts – a lovely way to remember our meeting.
    Here’s hoping to see you in Tokyo soon!

  5. Hi Bryan! I just came back from a 5 day holiday in Tokyo. My friend got a Soe shirt and I must say, his designs are amazing! Nondescript, edgy and full of character, just the way I like it. Too bad they only make menswear. It’s a bit pricey tho, his white shirts can go up to ¥70,000 or about PHP 30,000+, it’s comparable to Comme des Garcon. Consider yourself lucky to be one of the first to have a Soe shirt in Manila. I’m sure it’ll be a cult brand very soon

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