Marc Jacobs by Ariel Levy – New Yorker Style Issue

Written By bryanboy

Marc Jacobs by Ariel Levy – New Yorker Style Issue

The New Yorker's Style Issue (September 1, 2008) is out on newstands today. The oh-so-thoughtful and lovely Nicole alerted me just a few moments ago that I was referenced on Ariel Levy's profile on Marc Jacobs.

The New Yorker. The New Friggin Yorker! Thank YOU so much Nicole for the scan. I can't wait to read the full article.

New Yorker 2008 Style Issue: Marc Jacobs

This is probably the first (and last) time my third world bum will get referenced/mentioned there so oh em gee indeed.

It really is a shame that I'm not in New York. Perhaps not now but soon. Soon, my dear readers, soon. I don't want to rush things — I have a few tricks up my sleeve over the next few days weeks. I guess you just have to wait and find out. Who knows, perhaps one day I'll simply surprise you with a big Manhattan bang?

Or maybe someday in the future I'll manage to sneak in to a Marc Jacobs or Louis Vuitton show and while I'm sitting on the bleachers in my Marc outfit holding my Marc bag, watching all the models pass by, I'd be thinking to myself "wow. just wow."

Fingers crossed…

I really should go to bed. Clearly I'm hallucinating. It's 2:30AM. I have a long day later — photoshoot, etc. I need to be up in 4 hours. Help me god.


  1. hi brian,
    it may be a bit late already but perhaps you can feature matthew mitcham in your blog? he’s an olympic diver from australia who won an unexpected gold in beijing and he’s the only openly gay male athlete in the entire olympics.
    he’s such an inspiration. not to mention that he’s uber hot too. he even brought his boyfriend with him and kissed him when he won the gold.
    i know your blog reaches millions out there and i just thought this is worth sharing.
    keep up the fab.
    of course there is no need to post this message.

  2. I totally would not be surprised if one of these days I’ll see you at the front row of a Louis Vuitton or Marc Jacobs show. Hell I won’t even be surprised if you’ll be in one of their ads.

  3. … and a report from luscious Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta, where your namesake bags are available, only 2 (two) items – of calfskin – so far for the whole population.

  4. oh my gosh, BB (just a coincidence how Bubble Butt also starts with BB ;D)!! look at all the hype.. you deserve it! i wish i had MJ swarming all over me. lol. although i miss the old him, this new him sure is reading the correct fashion blog.
    good luck, bryanboy!
    Orange County’s Fag Hag (just kidding)

  5. Wow – my issue hasn’t arrived yet – look forward to it – my favorite magazine! This is quite an honor for you – now all the academic and wordly set will know you name!!!

  6. darling you’re famous. really though, I cite you as a full-on inspiration. you’ve cultivated your love and obsession with fashion into something legitimate and lucrative. I only hope to do just that in the future.
    read my blog if you’ve time, you may like it:

  7. I just got my New Yorker issue today and spotted this while I was reading the Marc Jacobs profile in the loo! Congratulations!

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