Marc Jacobs BB Bag – Harper's Bazaar September 2008

Written By bryanboy

Harper's Bazaar (USA) September 2008

Check it out. American Harper's Bazaar declared the Marc Jacobs BB bag as one of the season's must-haves!

Harper's Bazaaar September 2008
Photo credit: teenterror; Marc Jacobs Sunburst BB Bag available at Luisa Via Roma.

Yay! I really do hope people buy my namesake bag. Seriously!!!!! I want you guys to send me pics of you carrying it.


  1. Nadir Tejani

    I think this is the prettiest colour, aside from the olive green ostrich version. Good to see that your bag is making it to the pages of international magazines.

  2. long time reader, first time commenter
    i just saw this flipping through the mag today, and was so proud of you!
    plz take over amurrica, stat.

  3. That looks increadably nasty NY people have the strangest tast in food.Doughnuts are good by them self but to add a bacon cheese burger with it sound super strange.

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