Marc by Marc Jacobs Causeway Bay

Marc by Marc Jacobs opened a new flagship store in Hong Kong’s Causeway Bay last month and I had the opportunity to go there yesterday morning.

Click click click!

The flagship store is ginormous and they carry the full range of Marc by Marc merchandise: men’s, women’s and the new Little Marc collection for kids.

I love these trousers! I wore them on my interviews with the Hong Kong press yesterday.

Some of the women’s collection…

Those bracelets (enamel?) on the middle are my personal must-haves!

I like this cardigan. Gorgeous!

All of you should know by now I have a weakness with stripes so imagine my delight when I saw those thick and chunky striped cardigans and sweaters…

They also have a few pieces from Marc’s “Special Items” line.

This canvas tote is cute!

Gold boots, anyone?

A selection of handbags for those of you bag hags out there.

I have more pictures to post but I’m currently in the bath tub so I’ll keep this entry short.

More to follow, as always!