Marc by Marc Jacobs Flagship Store Hong Kong (Causeway Bay)

Written By bryanboy

Marc by Marc Jacobs Causeway Bay

Marc by Marc Jacobs opened a new flagship store in Hong Kong’s Causeway Bay last month and I had the opportunity to go there yesterday morning.

Click click click!

The flagship store is ginormous and they carry the full range of Marc by Marc merchandise: men’s, women’s and the new Little Marc collection for kids.

I love these trousers! I wore them on my interviews with the Hong Kong press yesterday.

Some of the women’s collection…

Those bracelets (enamel?) on the middle are my personal must-haves!

I like this cardigan. Gorgeous!

All of you should know by now I have a weakness with stripes so imagine my delight when I saw those thick and chunky striped cardigans and sweaters…

They also have a few pieces from Marc’s “Special Items” line.

This canvas tote is cute!

Gold boots, anyone?

A selection of handbags for those of you bag hags out there.

I have more pictures to post but I’m currently in the bath tub so I’ll keep this entry short.

More to follow, as always!


  1. OH MY GOD! I can’t believe that you are in HK! I hope I can catch a glimpse of you before I leave
    Have you been to the Joyce warehouse? It is absolutely magical! I got a pair of Maison Martin Margiela boots 70% off.

  2. Hi Brian!
    Napaka-packyu mo lang for making me so addicted to this site of yours! Yes I’ am now a certified fan of the site (again, the site not you LOL). Anyhow, I was never an admirer of Marc not until he named a bag…BB or “BaklangBakla”. After which, I started loving him and his stuff. I’m always reminded that that he loves gays and a Pinoy gay to be exact so I love him na rin! Truly, you made every Pinoy gay in the world pleased and proud!
    Shallow but true.
    PS next year the flagship store will open here in Singapura.

  3. i miss hongkong! i wish marc’s store is as big as hongkong’s, wish lang! :)

  4. Ah ah ! Thanks for the insight on MJ store in HK! I am sooo going there in October !
    Damn! You are surely on cloud 9 babe!

  5. Hi!
    If your goal is to go to all Marc Jacobs store, then make sure you also go to Guam since its only 3 1/2 hrs flight away. There’s a shitload of luxury/designer brands there too so you’ll love it.

  6. on the first pic, I love your invisible-low-heels! and I think Marc would better send you something again because you promote his stuffs. ;)

  7. bulutong

    bat ba ang hilig mong mag edit ng ilong mong mukang tite?!!? and whats with the fake accent para kang lasing na robot!

  8. correct me if im wrong… but, i don’t think the BB bag is under the MARC by MARC JACOBS. I think it’s with the MARC JACOBS collection, which puts it on a higher level. Not that I’m saying the marc by marc is anyway lower. marc by marc is somewhat on the dress-down, your-everyday fabulous thing to wear, wherease the marc jacobs collection could sit side by side with valentino, dolce & gabbana, oscar dela renta and such…

  9. Sabrina.g

    You beautifull child Love Adore Sublissime outfit :) Love The shoes Paul Hardy non??
    Anyway have a great day & all the best (k)
    1 more person Loves you bryan ;)
    Love You !!! from Sabrina

  10. chacha88

    i also went to the the flagship store and did some shopping today!!!!!^^

  11. Hi BB, is that a Ray-Ban Wayferer you’re wearing? how many Wayferers you have? :D

  12. events staff

    i hope you enjoy here in hongkong may you be bless so much with you visit here

  13. AHHHH OMG I am soooo jealous. Need to get my ass to HK asafp!!! :(
    But you are faaaab, I wonder why I haven’t noticed your blog before?

  14. whenever i read your blog, i want to rush out and SHOPSHOPSHOP!!! mabuhay ka bryanboy! c”,)

  15. You are absolutely fabulous! i wish i found out about this blog sooner cos i was just in HK a month ago. Now im dying for some marc by marc jacobs items and its so hard to shop online.
    You bring something new and different to the fashion world and i love it!

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