Lovingly Lanvin

A few of you have been asking photos of me wearing the new Lanvin top I got so here are a few photos. They're actually a week and a half old and they were (spontaneously) taken at the last minute. I would've worn them with black boots/shoes of some sort instead of the gold but then again, I'm not really somebody who is a big fan of "head-to-toe everything must match" looks. Anyway, the gloves are these $10 tranny beauty pageant gloves I got from a sewing supply store and the bracelet is Valentino. The baggy trousers are old men's Gucci that I've had for ages. It's been sitting in my closet for years and I never had the chance to alter let alone wear them. Now that I've gained weight… well, whatevs.

I *love* the Lanvin tee! I really do. From the moment I saw it online I thought "it's soo me!" I'm sure you'll agree with me, yes? What do you think? Click click click!

I love Olga's trousers though….

Lean and long… gorgeous!

But you could only wear heels in those and I don't really wear heels unless it's a special occasion like birthdays, halloweens or reincarnations… haha! ;)

Btw, the Lanvin tee runs REAAAAALLLY big. I got a size medium and I think size small or even extra small would fit me better. They're really enormous so I recommend that you get a size down.

LOL. I look sooo innocent even I'm having a hard time believing this is me. Haha!

Now all I want to complete this look (other than black shoes) is a nice tall black Balenciaga hat from Fall 2006.

That's all!