Lovingly Lanvin

Written By bryanboy

Lovingly Lanvin

A few of you have been asking photos of me wearing the new Lanvin top I got so here are a few photos. They're actually a week and a half old and they were (spontaneously) taken at the last minute. I would've worn them with black boots/shoes of some sort instead of the gold but then again, I'm not really somebody who is a big fan of "head-to-toe everything must match" looks. Anyway, the gloves are these $10 tranny beauty pageant gloves I got from a sewing supply store and the bracelet is Valentino. The baggy trousers are old men's Gucci that I've had for ages. It's been sitting in my closet for years and I never had the chance to alter let alone wear them. Now that I've gained weight… well, whatevs.

I *love* the Lanvin tee! I really do. From the moment I saw it online I thought "it's soo me!" I'm sure you'll agree with me, yes? What do you think? Click click click!

I love Olga's trousers though….

Lean and long… gorgeous!

But you could only wear heels in those and I don't really wear heels unless it's a special occasion like birthdays, halloweens or reincarnations… haha! ;)

Btw, the Lanvin tee runs REAAAAALLLY big. I got a size medium and I think size small or even extra small would fit me better. They're really enormous so I recommend that you get a size down.

LOL. I look sooo innocent even I'm having a hard time believing this is me. Haha!

Now all I want to complete this look (other than black shoes) is a nice tall black Balenciaga hat from Fall 2006.

That's all!


  1. You look soooo chic with the Lanvin tee and the pants!! Would really have been fabulous if the gold shoes had heels, hehe!! I love you! xxx

  2. You look great! Especially de last photo, the innocent photo. You look like coming out from an ad or editorial! haha!

  3. electric

    you look so gorgeous in these pics! Your face is beautiful (those lips!) and I think your lines are lovely..I know you are on a forever quest to be thinnnnner but I hate the ano look.

  4. Nadir Tejani

    Loving the hair, loving the gloves. No need to mention the tee itself, right? The taffeta bow totally makes the look. Props to you, I guess (and Alber, of course).

  5. Slut4Style

    your pants don’t go. the proportions are way off. there is too much going on already for the valentino cuff, and the gold shoes (with red socks?) are a mistake. but you are right: olga’s high-waisted trousers would be a better bet, plus the ribbon could trail over the higher waistline. btw, you don’t need heels; try jazz shoes a la gainsbourg. comfort is key. and p.s. what is lanvin without its pearls? a discreet pearl earring on your left ear would be sweet subversion in lieu of that fussy cuff.

  6. Slut4Style

    p.p.s. the trannie gloves are lovely. mayhaps only one hand? the right would be ideal, to balance out the suggested pearl earring.

  7. chacha88

    I think if you wear that Lanvin t-shirt without the gloves, it will look so much better and more simple!!!

  8. i love the tees! my gosh bb, at that size you still say you gained weight? whoa! … i see you fabulous and flawless :)

  9. You are not on the Milan runway, nor are you trying to portray or front as someone you are not. You are being BryanBoy, the aesthetic fits. A bit of quirk mixed with feminine haute couture. I enjoy the Lanvin top paired with the gold sneaker and loose trouser. I think it works well with your frame and stature.

  10. Linda Infa

    You look so hot in this photo! The whole look looks great on you.

  11. There is so much going on. It looks baduy to me, I swear. ;) The model looks elegant while you are trying hard. ;) ^^

  12. Hi BRB, suggestion lang, ang bagay na shoes sa iyo ay stilleto na black, para kung ma slip ka man sa hagdanan, eh Mirrian Quaimabao na ang beauty mo! Hahahaha!
    that’s why we keep visiting your blog, you always make your readers laugh! so entertaining!
    don’t you worry, im gonna nominate you in the Emerging Influential Blog for 2009!

  13. chelito

    hey bryan. i love the top, but not feeling the pants, there is really no form to the whole look. maybe you should wear some skinny pants and play up the baggy top.i love you but, make it at least look expensive!no hard feelings?

  14. raphael

    the shirt looks really good on you, BB
    i like it a lot
    i wish i had some of your stuff so that i’d be ferosh like you

  15. howeelizious

    you look amazing,what a biatch.. im so enthralled seeing those fabulous collection of your bags,wish i could show to you mine.

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