Krispy Kreme Bacon Cheeseburgers

Written By bryanboy

Krispy Kreme Bacon Cheeseburgers

I love Americans. I really do. A HUGE chunk of my readers are based in the USA. I think they're amazing. I can't hate on them because web traffic from the US pay my bills. I talk to god knows how many Americans on a daily basis.

I want to understand them more but please explain this.

Krispy Kreme Bacon Cheeseburgers
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Care for a Krispy Kreme Bacon Cheeseburger? This was lunch at Google NYC's cafeteria.


  1. It’s like the LA County Fair! Except we have Krispy Creme Chicken Sandwiches which are not half bad! Yeah…us Americans are fat asses.

  2. is google trying to kill their employees? thats basically a heart attack right there.

  3. I quite honestly cannot. The Luther burger is probably one of the most disturbing American food inventions that I have ever seen. Think along the lines of the Hamdog and deep fried snickers bars.
    I’ve never had one of these … things, but I’m sure that something that disgustingly bad for you and that ridiculous looking as got to be delicious. Even if it does do awful things to your body.

  4. Giorgio

    karl lagerfeld: “not eating is not hard”
    speaking of king karl, check the hilarious
    with entries from karl, anna wintour and yves saint laurent’s ghost [not kidding] it’s damn funny

  5. eww, i can’t see how that would taste good.
    i’d take the burger w/ extra mayo and “regular” burger fatty ass sides over this any day.

  6. Hey Bryanboy,
    First of all let me tell you what an awesome blog you have! I’ve been reading for a while now, but just didn’t get the chance to make a comment. And as far as those heart-attack inducing things…I’m an American and even I don’t get those. You’re Fab!

  7. there was a documentary here in europe about a man who only ate mcdonalds morning, lunch, and dinner for a month. the results were pretty scary – his entire system went bollocks, including his liver. amazing how just 1 month of eating mcdonalds food (and the like) changed his health. eating these fatty unhealthy fast food regularly and the like is a knock to your imminent early death.
    i can’t really appreciate these burgers and donuts. give me salads, fruits, and vegetables anytime.

  8. county fair food gone terribly terribly wrong. ever since we figured out how to deep fry coca-cola and snickers bars and salad it’s been a downhill ride to what i hope is this bottom of the freak food industry.
    i am working on my own contribution: deep-fried chewing gum.

  9. As a U.S. citizen (Minneapolis, Minnesota), can I just apologize ahead of time for all the mind-bogglingly over-the-top crap that we are capable of trying to sell?

  10. Nadir Tejani

    I can’t think of any word but eww. And that’s not even a word.

  11. People who come up with food like these should be punished by the people that become unhealthy and fat by eating them.

  12. First off, I adore you and your blog.
    And second, that is absolutely gross. I’m from America but I don’t understand why people over here would buy this and consume it.

  13. Have you ever had a MonteCristo sandwich? Same thing. I reckon the donut burgers are good… sweet and salty. Yum! Pinoys have more cholesterol inducing ulam we eat on a daily basis. Besides, only an idiot would eat the burger above on a daily basis. Even vegetables are bad for you if you have too much. Moderation is the key.

  14. Christofu

    Looks like something Elvis would have liked to eat on a daily basis in his “fat” years.

  15. sweet and salty = disgust for the donut. sigh… greetings from Singapore. BB, I am one of your avid readers. Stay fabulous!

  16. Jasmine

    I bet those are delicious…in a disgusting, cardiac-arrest-causing, indigestion-flare-up, don’t-want-to-eat-for-the-rest-of-the-week sort of way.

  17. those are actually mass destruction weapons :)
    i LOVE your blog BB! I am a constant reader from Istanbul, Turkey. You are brilliant, thanx and ciao

  18. iceburn001

    Whoever invented this must have lifted it straight out of the Boondocks’s Itis episode where the Luther Burger was served.
    Luther Burger
    “A full pound burger with grilled onions, melted cheese, five strips of bacon and sandwiched in between…two Krispy Kreme donuts.”

  19. that’s the luther burger and i think it’d be normal for americans. like balot and filipinos, others would just find it DIS.GUS.TING

  20. maikeru

    I like donuts and I like hamburgers.
    I don’t want to eat them TOGETHER though. Seeing The Luther in real life makes me wanna puke. D:

  21. jeeeeezz

    im american annnd..i don’t like donuts or cheese burgers. and i definitely wouldn’t like them together..gross.
    i’d rather eat that then a poor wiw keykey though.

  22. I think its googles way of getting rid of excess staff without losing rep by firing them.
    Just got to feed them till they die

  23. wow I live in america, and I think I just lost my appetite. I have heard of these but never actually seen one!

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