Kova & T Oxy Latex Leggings

Written By bryanboy

Kova & T Oxy Latex Leggings

I was shocked to learn yesterday afternoon that Theodore's carry those famous Kova & T Oxy latex leggings. They just arrived in store according to the sales associate I spoke with. I bought a pair because I've used and abused my Sass & Bide Black Rats for the past few months to the point where the ruching at the lower leg is ripping apart. Also, I've washed the damn thing too many times… the high gloss effect is now gone.

Kova & T Oxy Leggings

Kova & T Oxy Latex Leggings

Kova & T Oxy Leggings are available online at Shopbop and Tobi for US$110. Both companies offer free shipping in the USA and Shopbop ships internationally. In the Philippines, you may get them at Theodore's. Click click click for more pics!

I wanted to take pictures of me wearing them but I have to go back to the store to exchange them in a larger size. I didn't try them in the store and I ended up getting a size XS. It fits me well alright (seriously) but I'd rather be safe and get a size small instead. I don't wanna walk around town only to find out there's a hole in my ass somewhere. Besides, I have something what you people call 'dick and nuts'. I know some of you are gonna say get rid of it already but I love my dick and nuts so suck it.

They're gorgeous. I'll wear them with a long top covering my crotch and a little jacket.

Kova & T Oxy Leggings, latex finish, Tobi

People Magazine declared Kova & T's Oxy Leggings the "HOT PANT" as worn by Ashley Olsen and Mischa Barton.

Kova & T Oxy Leggings, Ashley Olsen, Mischa Barton, People Magazine

Ashley Olsen again rocking her Kova & T leggings…

Kova&T Oxy Leggings

Mary Kate Olsen at LAX airport…

Kova & T Oxy Leggings, Mary Kate Olsen, Los Angeles airport with Hermes Kelly bag

Now go!

Kova & T Oxy Leggings are available at Shopbop and Tobi for US$110.


  1. gosh mmm leggins are IN for men :)
    but i havent still got the confident to wear mines..
    ill probably end of being bashed by my mom !!! …

  2. looks like catwoman’s costume!! but knowing you, i know you’ll pair this up with an amazing top and pair of shoes. ;-)

  3. mushy… at theodore’s they’re priced at P5,450 (or about US$120)… I think it’s good!!! I mean, at least you don’t have to worry about shipping charges, taxes or waiting times etc!!!

  4. eyegames

    Gosh, BB, your dick-and-nuts must be so sweaty and smelly after a few hours wearing them in the Philippines. But I guess anything for Fashion, huh?
    Also I’m not sure if following the lead of Mischa Barton but specially not that of those biggest fashion pariahs, the Olsen twins, is such a good idea.

  5. Wow, those bondage leggings are hot but make sure to tuck it in well bitch, and hard-ons are off limits.

  6. They’re absolutely hot! I can’t remember which magazine I saw it in but Dasha Zhukova, [the “Kova” behind Kova & T] personally modelled it in an editorial. Oh to be a gorgeous young designer dating a billionaire!

  7. I thought The Row had their own range of latex leggings? Why would MK be wearing something else. Her own leggings were featured in Vogue too..Hmm

  8. Honestly, I always hated the legging trend… But these leggings… THESE are unbelievable. I waaant. :)

  9. but they’re not even real latex, just cheap spandex which could easily be found for half the cost. real latex costs more, but looks FAR better:

  10. I just bought a similar pair at Target for about $15 US. I also saw similar ones at wetseal.com

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