Kate Hudson for W Magazine September 2008

Written By bryanboy

Kate Hudson for W Magazine September 2008

And how do you, my dear readers, feel about W Magazine taking some cues from a 1994 issue of Harper's Bazaar.?

Kate Hudson, W Magazine September 2008, Nadja Auermann Harper's Bazaar 1994

Take your pick.

Thanks Joey for the heads up!


  1. Poooreza Schouler

    Another proof of how fashion-forward the team of Liz Tilberis and Fabien Baron was.

  2. The covers are way too similar to be just a coincidence. Why the hell is Kate on the cover anyways?

  3. kelly killy

    As soon as I saw the cover I KNEW that it was a rip off of the old Bazaar cover…it was a defining moment of the age of the Supermodels with the advent of hair bleaching when Nadja did it and appeared on that cover in 1994.

  4. Taking into consideration that Kate Hudson only looks that flawless because of the massive amounts of photoshop plastered over her real face I vote for Nadja Auermann who did it first and did it best.

  5. Where is the Sonia Rykiel Photo? And were both covers shot by Michael Thompson?

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