Kara Goucher, Beijing Olympic Runner Pics & Video

Written By bryanboy

Kara Goucher

Meet Kara Goucher. She's the official Team USA athlete to compete in the 5000m (5km) and 10000m (10km) women's race in Beijing.

I first heard of Kara Goucher from yesterday's NY Post:

Then we had a two-hour wait until we actually marched in. At this point, athletes started mingling and I met [USA men's basketball players] Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Jason Kidd. I got my picture with all of them. They were all very nice and asked me about running track. One of them actually ended up asking for my number, and chatting me up for a while, and got out his camera to take a picture with me, but that's a story for another time."

What a slut cocktease!!! I wonder WHICH Olympics basketball player she slept with. LOL

Is it just me or does Kara Groucher looks like a woman from the chest upwards and a man downwards?

Kara Goucher, Beijing 2008 Olympics

What do y'all think? Is that a peeen I see? I love her thin arms btw…


  1. i think her voice makes up a bit for those legs… she cant bite the hand that feeds anyway..
    (im new on blogger, would you welcome me dear ? i fancy your site)

  2. Being a “cocktease” is one thing, but comparing women athletes to men is not funny anymore.
    They’ve spent their lives honing their bodies to be high-performance machines. Clearly, they’re not going to end up looking like the anorexic bobbleheads that Hollywood loves to exult.
    These women are muscular, strong, and powerful. As Michael Kors said, “They’re closest thing we have to superheroes”.
    Besides, baka matambok lang pempems niya. I know a lot of women who have the same um, “condition”. :)

  3. Lulz, because you asked us what we think Kara Goucher is packing down there. And women actually like to talk about it, it’s always a problem when buying swimwear or fitted pants.

  4. You’re all jealous and can’t think of anything better to do. Maybe you should get off your @$$es and start running. Do something productive!

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