Jasmine Maierhofer

Written By bryanboy

Jasmine Maierhofer

I met Jasmine Maierhofer at the Mich Dulce shoot yesterday. She's lovely. At first I was like, how am I gonna talk to her… little did I know she's actually more fluent in Tagalog/Filipino more than anything else (if not the only language she's fluent at) so baklaan/bakyaan galore!

Jasmine Maierhofer

And she ate. Lots!

Jasmine Maierhofer

I love Jasmine. She's cool!

Oh how I wish I was 5'10 and to be 17 again…. haha!


  1. i love jasmine. she’s the nicest girl ever.
    i heard from her handler that she’s doing a test shoot for… for… oh i bet you know what for.

  2. isn’t she Rico Maierhoffer’s sister (he’s a player from DLSU). if i am not mistaken they grew up in puerto galera :)

  3. Just a tiny correction. Jasmine actually studies in Adamson. She was the muse of Adamson in last year’s UAAP.
    I first saw Jasmine when she auditioned for Elite Model Look Philippines (wherein she will eventually win Best in Editorial). I knew she would make it far in the industry, and she did.

  4. marianne

    jasmine is quite the niciest woman i’ve ever known she’s so pretty bagay talaga cla ni simon atkins ung teammate ng elder bro nyang c rico friend ko cya sa fs ko

  5. she was my classmate back in high school.. (AdU)
    during our first day in school, our adviser thought that she couldn’t speak tagalog so our adviser talked to her in english..
    and to her surprise, she could speak tagalog fluently..
    (just sharing)
    she’s really nice and down to earth.. :)

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