Hong Kong: Men's Uno Magazine, Jet Magazine, East Week Magazine

Written By bryanboy

Hong Kong Magazine Blitz

A very special thank you to Dawn and Roman for sending me these scans. Following the footsteps of Milk and Ming Pao Weekly comes Men's Uno Magazine (Hong Kong) who seems to have a crush on me. From their August 2008 issue:

Men's Uno Magazine Hong Kong

Jet Magazine (August 2008) on the other hand, added me on Marc's coterie of crazy sexy loved ones (Victoria Beckham is dat chu?).

Jet Magazine Hong Kong

Jet Magazine Hong Kong

And East Week Magazine (August 6, 2008) reported that the Marc Jacobs BB bag is going to be available in Hong Kong for HKG12,900 (about US$1,600).

East Week Magazine Hong Kong

I can't even imagine how much it's gonna cost in Manila but I know for a fact I *MUST* get one in non-ostrich leather because I've been using the prototype far too much already (WHEN IN FACT IT SHOULD BE IN A GLASS BOX BY NOW) and boy it's not gonna be cheap. Time to quit eating, quit buying shoes and save money. Or wait for the sales.

Is there a "friends & family" discount? Hahaha!

Thanks to Men's Uno, Jet and East Week!


  1. The first story says –if you attract MJ’s attention with a blog, good enough to be named in a muse bag, must people be jealous? suspicious/negative? Who is this?? It’s Bryan Boy!you are a ‘a very cool person who ‘wants to be a gurl…!” (read: fag!), a Phil blogger from Manila… hahaha!! four years in existence plus the number of hits you have a month—350,000?? Is datchru?? And about the bag, and the FW ad campaign with Cole Mohr wearing ladies’ clothes etc etc…which were inpsired by you!

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