Gemma Ward, Backpacker

Written By bryanboy

Gemma Ward, Backpacker

There I was wondering whatever the hell happened to Gemma Ward but it looks like she’s been backpacking in Nepal the whole time!!!! I’m so jealous. Y’all know I’ve always wanted to go backpacking for the longest time… unfortunately, Gemma Ward, the Vogue cover girl, got to do it first.

Gemma Ward, Nepal, Backpacker

Gemma recently joined the Annapurna Circuit Trek (how exotic does that sound) in Nepal on her OWN. How cool is that? According to a blogger who was also there, Israelis were the first ones who recognized her, thanks to FTV. Word buzzed around and people made all these snarky comments behind her back. Some of the comments were so mean, particularly about her head. Oh well. Hand model? Bitch please. Poor Gemma.

Here’s another photo of Gemma talking to the locals with her guide… and her guitar!

Gemma Ward, Nepal


This is it. This is really it. I’m gonna look more into this backpacking business. I mean, if she could do it, there is absolutely NO reason I couldn’t. Meanwhile, have you seen the Fall/Winter 2008 Hermès ad campaign? Mariacarla Boscono went to the Himalayas!!!

Mariacarla Boscono, Hermes Fall 2008 ad campaign

Now THAT is probably the way I’d do it if I had the money choice. LOL.


  1. Nadir Tejani

    I can totally see you in your Lagerfeld Gallery fox climbing the Himalayas. Oh dear.

  2. gosh ! i am from nepal ! and i havent been there for 8 years !!! gemma rocks :P
    i feel a lot more special !!!

  3. Idiots! Gemma has a head & entire face size of the regular asian woman’s forehead! (with very little exaggeration!) I saw her in person, it was Chanel show in tokyo. boy…she has small head. it is the shape those numnuts are talking about.

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