Front Row Center at Marc Jacobs

Written By bryanboy

Front Row Center

Here's my seating assignment at the Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2008 fashion show at Mastercard Luxury Weeklast night: FRONT ROW, CENTER.

I sat beside Miss World 2007, the tall, thin and stunning Zhang Zilin from China. Trust me, you DON'T want to see those pictures. I don't! Especially not when you're sitting beside Miss World let alone a beauty pageant champion!!!!

Wish you were here Malu. Peace.


  1. i was just by the landmark marc jacobs on thursday! i saw the bb bag, and saw a sign beside it by the window, i think it was your signature! i tried to snap a picture of it but the sales did loook at me a bit akwarddd..
    congrats again on the bag.

  2. damn..ur really goin’ places….
    umm..bawal yta chub sa fashion shows kaya wla c Malu hahahaha!!

  3. And i was in Sec C, Row A, Seat 15, diagonally across from you. My friend Karen was asking me if i was going to talk to Bryanboy now, and i screamed: “WHEEEERRRRRRE??!!~~??!~~~~!!”
    And then i saw you & i walked over, & our torried affair began.
    Miss Zhang’s posture was excellent.
    Way TOO excellent.
    She’s no peasant.

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