For the love of Self-Timer

In the words of my favourite NYC gay, Soomy of Gayz of our Lives, the tranny box exploded and Mz. BB toyed around with his camera’s self-timer in his room at the Four Seasons Hong Kong.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2008 dress

Click click click!

Well look at all that jazz… amazing runway pieces eh? My room is overflowing with Marc by Marc clothes!

You know, I could totally live like this everyday. I think everyone should send me gorgeous clothes for me to try on and take pictures.

Booyakasha! Surprise surprise!

I know, I know my hairy legs are very disturbing but what can I say… I’m built like a rugby player!!
(oh wait.. I am a man!)

Legs akimbo ladies… your peen, my hole. Missionary style!!

Because I’m in a foreign land with no helpers in sight, I had to rely on my camera’s self-timer to take photos. I would love to take pics of me on the streets but I need an assistant for that… and I’m too shy to walk out of the hotel in a dress. haha ;)

The question is… 2 seconds or 10 seconds?

I say 10 seconds…

Imelda Marcos is dat chu?

That’s all!

You know you love me.
Mwah mwah!