For the love of Hong Kong

Written By bryanboy

For the love of Hong Kong

I had a LOVELY ladies lunch with my two new "lady" friends, Johannes and Kenneth at Yung Kee restaurant. Before I post pictures etc., let me show you this great picture.

Thank you SO much to the tall, skinny and black Birkin bag-totting Kenneth who took that wonderful photo of me. God I look so ferosh to the highest levels, no? What do you think?


  1. I love it BB!!! You look so superstar, eh? Paparazzi alert! BB, the photo was very expressive as if you’re avoiding press people and exited at the back door. haha! It was so candid. I love it!

  2. Jessica

    Its so totally celebrity-spotted-outside-marc-jacobs-store.
    I love you more than ice-cream :)))

  3. Fabulous picture. Scandalous too! “No pictures! No comments! I am not that man’s lover!”

  4. Oh someone went shopping! Those Marc Jacobs bags make the perfect accessory for this Papparazzi-esque photo. You rock & I’m dying to see what’s in those over-sized bags…

  5. bryanboy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrararrrrrrrrr!!!!
    oh u arrived in hongkong!!!!!!!!!
    want to meet you so bad *0*!!!!!!!!!!
    i would screem!

  6. FABuloush, dahling.
    i thoroughly enjoyed our ladies’ luncheon, although, i think i was way too hungry & concentrated on scoffing down more food instead of asking you more in-depth, probing questions! How hideously unprofessional of me.
    i think i’ll have to cyber-probe you with questions through email.
    You made Kenneth’s day by posting this on here!
    He is such a girl. Teehee.
    Let’s like, totally hang out when you jet over here again. ;-)
    ciao bella

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