Fashion Network TV Podcasts

Written By bryanboy

Fashion Network TV Podcasts

I have a new obsession y'all! I can't, for the life of me, believe that I only discovered it a few days ago. I'm all for fashion podcasts from Fashion Television, MODTV and but sometimes, I'd rather just download the ENTIRE fashion show complete with original soundtracks etc. Meet Fashion Network TV.
You can watch full-length shows on that website or you may also download the podcasts on iTunes like I do. I've already downloaded Rick Owens, Burberry Prorsum, Christopher Kane and more. But my favourite is D&G. I love, love, LOVE the soundtrack!

Check it out. I took a vid of my fave Poly. Sorry for the sound quality… go Natasha go!

I just got back from the mall to run some errands and I had it on AUTOREPEAT. I think I burned a shitload of calories from all that mincing. I have a MAJOR event coming up soon and I need to lose weight!!!!!!!!

Speaking of Christopher Kane Fall 2008, here's my thinspiration for today…



  1. Nadir Tejani

    I’d never heard of this particular podcast. It seems good, and although there’s only a handful of shows, the video quality is perfect. Absolutely flawless. The Burberry Autumn 08 soundtrack probably is the best one in the pack, but then again, I love Billy Bragg. Although this seems to be a good podcast, I would like to know what exactly happened to the podcast; most of the videos used to come from GQ and, but they covered the Autumn 07 couture season ( never does couture videos).

  2. omfg finally BB! i’ve been a subscriber to fashion network tv for a long time! love them…sucks though that they only have a number of podcasts
    but other than that
    i love them !

  3. thankyou!SO much
    the Sonia Rykiel show just made my day
    i love it when models smile in shows

  4. Linda Infa

    OH no, Im all for slim and thin – but this model looks pretty gross to me. SHe looks like walking death.

  5. dutch chick

    God I love ur website, but this pic is yuk. slim is sexy, but this makes me feel sick. She needs a burger. Or make it ten burgers..

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