Expensive Nike Shoes

If you think paying three figures for a pair of sneakers is ridiculous, wait till you finish reading this entry.

Believe it or not, I only have one, just one, pair of Nike trainers in my possession. I blogged about it back in March. I bought those Nike+ ipod whataever shoes hoping it would motivate me to jog (I love my good ol’ ipod video and I’m too cheap to buy an ipod nano) but alas, I ended up using the trainers to walk around the house instead. Anyway, I was browsing eBay for Rick Owens boots and as always, one click led to another page and to another page. Lo and behold I saw the most expensive pair of Nikes I have EVER, EVER seen in my entire life. Say hello to the $10,000 Nike Zoom Kobe MVP sneakers. It comes in a Lucite box and signed by Kobe Bryant himself.

Nike Zoom Kobe Bryant MVP sneakers

No, I didn’t make a typo. Yes, TEN THOUSAND DONALD DUCK DOLLARS. Click click click!

The question is why. Why are these trainers so pricey?

Nike Zoom MVP Kobe Bryant

OK fine. I understand those Nike Zoom trainers are limited editions and they were signed by a prominent sports figure which boosted the asking price.

So how do you explain these $10,000 Nike Dunk Undefeated Splatter trainers? They’re not signed by any personality…

Nike Dunk Undefeated Splatter sneakers

According to the eBay seller who is selling that pair, those dunks are the “grails of all holy grails”. Only 24 pairs were released in 2002 about the time when Undefeated (what’s that btw?) first opened and all of which were given to Undefeated employees and associates.

Nike Dunks Undefeated Splatter Paris sneakers


What you are looking at now is a $6,999 pair of Nike Dunk High Wu-Tang sneakers that were released back in 1999. The seller stated that the shoe was originally designed for all the members of Wu-Tang and their associates. Only 36 pairs were ever created.

Nike Dunk High Wu-Tang sneakers

This pair was owned by a certain Alyasha Owerka-Moore. Aly apparently kept the pair in a cryo chamber (again, wtf is that) to maintain the shoes’ luster.

Nike Dunk High Wu-Tang Limited Edition Sneakers

Moving along…

Here’s a pair of 1995 Original Nike Air Jordan X Player Sample sneakers. These were worn and signed by a Harold Minor aka Baby Jordan.

1995 Original Nike Air Jordan X Player Sample for Harold 'Baby Jordan' Minor.

I have no idea who Harold Minor is but he better be super mega ultra major because these shoes have a $9,000 asking price.

It doesn’t end there. Go through eBay and you’ll find hundreds, if not thousands, of sneakers ranging $1,000 – $2,000 upwards! It’s mind-blowing.

Call me ignorant if you must but my god!

I know “limited editions” often raise the price point of anything regardless of what they are but I am truly shocked with the prices of these sneakers made out of… rubber!

They’re not even made out of gold or what have you.

Interesting. Definitely interesting.

What do you think?