Engraved Business Cards

Written By bryanboy

Engraved Business Cards

I went to the stationers earlier this evening to pick up my business cards. I love them! I wish I went there far in advance (instead of last week). I wanted to add a little bag accent or a little sumthin sumthin but the shop asked for 2-3 weeks production time. Oh well.

Engraved Business Cards

Jay Cee Kay Stationers
Lot 18, Lower Level Alabang Town Center, Alabang, Muntinlupa (or)
2nd Floor, San Antonio Plaza Arcade, McKinley Rd, Forbes Park Makati

My new business cards are engraved, just the way I like it. The lady even gave me my special copper (??) plate. Wow!

I've had Diane Pernet's blog entry about Madame Stern (who is the best engraver in Paris) on my bookmarks for the longest time. She basically inspired me to get engraved business cards. I thought it was a GREAT idea because everyone these days seem to have glossy or waxed paper cards with some sort of digital printing on it. Be sure to read about the 'ritual'. Amazing!

Hopefully in the future when I visit Paris once again, I'll pay the great Madame Stern a visit.
(if she doesn't show me the door that is.)


  1. i love it! its so chica! how much and where yo have it done.. i want d same thing too… :D

  2. hi! you;ve had them made in alabang town center? or at makati part? very nice indeed! =)

  3. yeah..where you have it done? is it like in makati or alabang town center?

  4. I just ordered engraved business cards from Jay Cee Kay. It’s P6,400 na for 200 pieces.
    They can’t seem to recall daw printing for you but I showed them your blog and your photo of the copper plate and that you paid only P4,500 for 200 pieces.
    It’s too bad they increased prices. Or baka special rate for you? :)

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