Elle Indonesia September 2008

Written By bryanboy

Elle Indonesia September 2008

Charlize Theron is on the cover of Elle Indonesia for September 2008.

Charlize Theron on the cover of Elle Indonesia, September 2008

Mr Freddy from lovely Indonesia also sent me a photo of the cute mention.

Elle Indonesia

Yay! Thank you thank you thank you! You guys are the best!

Now how can I get a physical copy of the magazine for my records. Hmmm…


  1. Actually, I also mentioned you in No. 14, the “Hot Print Ad” slot, as the muse of Marc by Marc Jacobs’s Cole Mohr shots. Don’t worry if you wanna get physical. I’ve asked the editor to send you a copy. We’re Indonesians, so be patient, it may take a while. By the way, your BB bag is already on display in Plaza Indonesia Jakarta.

  2. Hi Bryan! If the copy doesn’t get to you, let me know. I’m going back home to Cebu for a 3-week vacation last week of September (I study university here in Jakarta) and I might as well just grab a copy and ship it to you or something. But yeah as Ve says, “we’re Indonesians, it might take a while” just really be patient, it will come! :D
    Btw the article is fierce.

  3. I’ve got a story. I was checking out MJ boutique in Indonesia and asked the salesperson, “‘Scuse me, is this the BB bag?” and she said “No, this is a bag from the Sunburst collection.”

  4. Juice: fierce? Why fierce? *innocent mode: on*
    Rica: the salesperson who attended me in Marc Jacobs knew it so well that it’s BB bag, and told me that there were only two of them here so far. But more are coming. Too bad I didn’t carry my digicam, so couldn’t take a shot of it.

  5. ve: oh that means i was holding one of the only two BB bag that day. how precious!
    What I meant earlier was that, the word “BB” bag didn’t ring a bell to the salesperson I spoke to. I asked only to seek confirmation that I was holding the right BB bag.
    By the way, what color is the other one?

  6. hai darling, I’m the associate fashion editor for ELLE Indonesia..nice to have you on our article! cheers!

  7. hi bryan, the editor in chief for ELLE Indonesia is my sis in-law & she adores you! Me too :)

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