[Update/Edit: I totally forgot that the Magalonas are going through a lot right now, especially with Francis' leukemia... my comments (and I hope y'all try to be sensitive as well) are targeted towards the show and not the cast itself. OKKKKK? Yun lang pow. Now Go Gucci Ghesquiere Go!]

I guess those ABS-CBN rumors starring KC Concepcion as Serena are just rumors indeed.

OH MY FUCKING GAS TALAGA. It's the end of the world as we know it. This is Lipgloss (by TV5), the THIRD WORLD version of Gossip Girl. Set in a fictional school called "Linden High", the people behind the new TV show called "Lipgloss" are: Maxine Eigenmann, Saab Magalona, Rodjun Cruz, Mikee Lee, Fred Payawan, Sam Concepcion, Kevin Lapena, Cheska Ortega, Mary Grace Perrido, Czarina Suzarra and Mikki Hahn.

Now will y'all please excuse me while I get the sick bucket. I think I threw up a little. The show is baduy, full-stop.

I'm so pissed!!! UGH!!! Now you know why I loathe and don't watch Filipino TV. This shit is soo disgusting! Forget the awful styling… what's with that gross video blur that is soo ubiquitous in this shithole? Mag-upgrade nga kayo ng camera ninyo! Putang ina, year 2008 na…. we're not in the 90s anymore!

Filipino readers please vote!

Yun lang pow. Mamamatay ang gaya gaya!

PS. Please don't mind me. My opinion is like a butt. Everyone has one and is entitled to. For the life of god, leave Gossip Girl ALONE!