Dear Mr. Edward Enninful

Written By bryanboy

Dear Mr. Edward Enninful

My letter will most likely end up in fashion blackhole where the sun doesn't shine but whatevs… I don't mind sharing it to you guys. I think it's time to praise a fashion hero (I actually wanted to do this ages ago but when I saw the September Vogue, this is it.). 

Edward Enninful

Edward Enninful (for those of you who don't know) is one of the greatest people in fashion. To me, he's the ultimate
stylist/fashion editor/fashion director/whatever — his title is irrelevant. When I was a teenager (ok my age is irrelevant), I used to buy 2 copies of i-D magazine — one to keep and another to rip to use its pages as my bedroom wallpaper. He's such a genius. His work inspires me to no end. Every time I see a great editorial, especially
in Vogue Italia, he's always, always the one behind it. 

Click click click!

I really do hope to meet him one day. I don't even have any
questions to ask him because his work over the years speak a million and
one words already. I just wanna give him a hug and THEN I wanna play with clothes and bags and wigs and heels and take pictures for my blog. Hahaha! OK… perhaps I'm asking too much. But seriously… I think he's the best and I'll prolly cry when I see him.

Edward Enninful

Check out Kirsty Hume in a Jonathan Saunders frock and the salmon (OH MY!!!) Marc Jacobs BB bag  from September Vogue.


I love you Edward!!!


  1. I love your letters, they look like they’re written by a little tween girl!

  2. it’s not a scan. it’s a cellphone photo of the magazine. i had to ask a a friend to do me a quick favour. it’s better than NOT having a photo considering september vogue won’t arrive in the third world until next month.
    beggars can’t be choosers.

  3. ontd_ff's teenterror

    hahahah bryanboy! omg nagbibiro lang naman about the scan job. it’s teenterror from ontd_ff! lol

  4. That’s an incredible coincidence!!!I’m actually working for Dell’Acqua who’s the new creative director of Malo…and guess who’s doing the styling for Malo this season for the fashion show in nyc?!yes, Edward Enninful.He’s really outgoing and friendly and not snob at all as i thought he’d be…good luck, i’m sure you’ll meet him on day!

  5. Hi there,
    Do you think you can
    find out what pair of eyeglasses Edward is wearing in
    The September Issue movie?

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