Dear future Shaded Viewers

Dear future Shaded Viewers,

The highly-respected style icon Diane Pernet recently invited me to join her network of contributors. Her excellent website, A Shaded View on Fashion is one of my favourite online fashion bibles of all time.

Diane Pernet by Sonny Vandevelde
Photo: Sonny Vandevelde

As you know, it's such an absolute honor and I'm pretty much flabbergasted. I get chills running down my spine looking at my Typepad control
panel. It's like Comme des Garçons collaborating with H&M…
Kokon-to-Zai collaborating with…..Urban Outfitters. Haha!

What would be my first entry? Well, we shall see. I'm petrified but it should be a great learning experience. Now, more than ever, I'm inspired to have a very open-minded approach on the way I view fashion.

Thank you so much Diane for the opportunity.