Bryanboy @ Numéro Tokyo

Written By bryanboy

Bryanboy @ Numéro Tokyo

I love Numéro Tokyo! Can y'all imagine how crazy it would be if I knew how to speak/write Japanese? I'll be big in Japan like…. err…. like…. ok fine whatever… Tinsley Mortimer! LOL.

Thanks Martin for the lovely mention.


  1. asia&nemo

    wow, bryanboy! you’re really just everywhere! btw, have u seen the new Vogue Hommes Japan edition? the cover is by hedi slimane.

  2. Shun, our friend and also you guys know each other on facebook, is a fashion editor of Vogue Homme Japan. He used to be a fashion editor for commons & scense which martin used to work as a contoributer. If you can’t get both magazines here in Manila, I’d love to send you the latest copies.

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