American Apparel Goes Gay

Written By bryanboy

American Apparel Goes Gay

So tell me my dear readers, how do you feel about this gay American Apparel ad?

American Apparel Gay Ad For Him

BTW, this isn't a sponsored entry because I found this banner ad on a different website… though for the interests of disclosure, American Apparel does sponsor my website — thanks guys!


  1. where do you buy american apparel here? can i get it shipped in the philippines?

  2. I think its not only a great picture but i also feel they are (apart from DnG) openly showing awareness and appreciation (the ad could be seen as a salute to gay customers *though i think i’m thinking to much*) for the gay community.
    SO thank YOU

  3. Seriously, i don’t think this is even news in the states, I guess this is technically the first American Apparel Gay add, but american apparel, and the alt hipsters who wear Am Ap. have always been..ambiguous to say the least.

  4. chelito

    not a really new concept for american apparel. what has helped this company sell overpriced basics is sex. and now that the company has gone public it seems they’re ads aren’t as innovative

  5. hardly groundbreaking. they only did it to provoke publicity and it worked as we are passing comment on it on your blog.

  6. who gives a flying fuck.
    if more companies did this, these companies would get more business.
    half the people who shop at AA are gay anyways, wait, i take that back, it seems as though gangster have takin’ a liking to AA.
    heaven forbid i put ‘gangster’ in the same class as ‘gay’ ..
    in conclusion, good for you American Apparel, now we can reconize gay people and not put them behind the curtains of society.
    now only his hollister/abercrombie, they would drive those little high school c**nts out of there soo fast!!
    sex sells, bitches!

  7. This is exactly why I do NOT buy from A.A.. In fact any time I see a company that promotes this choice I will not buy from in any form.

  8. I wont buy AA clothes anymore after this, from now on ill talk the shit this brand deserves, they make cool clothes but this is just disgusting, fok u AA.

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