53.9 Kilos = 119 Pounds

Written By bryanboy

53.9 Kilos = 119 Pounds

The BB has landed! I love my hotel. And I love my room.

As always, the first thing I do is check the bathrooms… look at what I found – a weighing scale!

Wow. I guess that means I’m only 9 pounds away from my goal weight, which is 110. Amazing!


  1. Sandino

    I love your voice. It reminded me of Ja’ mie from your Summer Heights High post. :D

  2. unknown

    We’ll the weighing scale is in kilos so u can’t be in New York for the fashion week or in the U.S. so u must be either in Asia or in Europe…

  3. you have to minus the weight of the camera. you’re probably just 70 pounds. LOL.

  4. Nadir Tejani

    Hahah you’re crazy BB. I put on some weight in the last 12 months, I’m 54 kg now. Besides, I thought your goal for 2008 was to be fit?

  5. You should have weighed yourself naked. Clothes weight does not count. But then you wouldn’t have been able to wave at us through the mirror, would you? :p

  6. ilovebryanboy

    Your voice reminded me of Christian Siriano. That’s a compliment, btw. You’re life is so fabulous!

  7. What’s with the fake American accent? you’re like one of those kids from Lipgloss lol.

  8. you should put the scale on the floor, not the rug. it makes it inaccurate. you might be 110 now! fabulous! :)

  9. 54 kg, sadly, doesn’t translate into 119 lbs…it’s actually more along the lines of 130. BUT you can subtract 3 lbs for the camera and cloths…alas, still 127, my dear. :D
    No worries though, I’m 141…but, I am 6’1″ ;D haha.

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