2008 Olympics Opening Ceremony Video

Written By bryanboy

2008 Olympics Opening Ceremony Video

[Update: Click HERE to watch more videos]

I totally missed watching the 2008 Olympics Opening Ceremony in Beijing last night. If you haven't seen the show, here are several bits on a video that I found. It's soo magnificent and spectacular!!!! I love how they have all these drummers with lights on their drums and they collectively mimic an enormous LED display screen. Watching the countdown gave me the creeps!

2008 Olympics Opening Ceremony Drummers video Beijing, August 8, 2008

Stunning. Absolutely stunning. London 2012 will never beat that.


  1. i’ve always wanted to watch an olympic ceremony and i regret not going to beijing! why? first, i believe that beijing is the closest place to the phil that will ever hold the olympics.. second, of all countries, i think nothing can come close to the creativity, discipline and attention to detail that the chinese have. :'(

  2. AphroditeUndercover

    I read Zhang Yimou was sleeping only 2 hours a day in the weeks leading the Opening Ceremony. There are exactly 2008 drummers in that countdown sequence, mind you. Two years ago, it was announced that he will be collaborating with Steven Spielberg in designing the opening and closing ceremonies, since Spielberg was part of the Munich Olympics. He resigned in February because China was refusing to intervene in the Darfur crisis.

  3. Lisa from Cali

    London is fucked! hahaha… They’ll just have to do a very simple, elegant ceremonies rather than compete with Bejing and the fireworks. Remember, China has something to prove and therefore, everything had to be spectacular and near perfect.

  4. wannabe

    The opening raised the bar so high. I dunno if anyone can top that. It made the previous Olympic parties lame. I am excited for the grand event on its last day!

  5. I personally loved the Lighting of the Cauldron….it gave me shivers….overall it was great

  6. zhang yimou is brilliant! it was like watching his movies live – like “hero” and “house of flying dagger”.
    surpise! i didnt see dragon dance or watsoever opening cermony cliches like doves, fires, huge cloth…

  7. I got shivers too! And that was just from watching it on TV..I wonder what it was like in person..must have been insane.

  8. What a spectacular way to make use of China’s resources; its population and fireworks. I’d kill to be a part of that ceremony.

  9. I just with they would make that much of an effort to stop the kidnapping and selling of children. it was a beautiful ceremony, though. definately unsurpassed. the scroll and the dancers in the sand were absolute perfection.

  10. I just with they would make that much of an effort to stop the kidnapping and selling of children. it was a beautiful ceremony, though. definately unsurpassed. the scroll and the dancers in the sand were absolute perfection.

  11. I think we have just witnessed a shift in the global center of power from West to East.
    Asia is it.
    Welcome to the Asian Century!

  12. The Olympics made us Asians proud. (I see no hope in the future that Phils will get the chance or be ready for that matter to host the Olympics or Asian Games for that matter). “Back to the drawing board for the London 2012 organizers.

  13. mr spielberg, eat mr zhang’s dust. the beijing olympics and the chinese people are much better without you.

  14. OMFG Truley amazing that was awesome no one will ever beat that. China is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. CheapLabor

    I hope these performers got Union rates.. At the very least, minimum wage!!!

  16. i aint gonna lie…i cried when i was watching this on tv! it was just so beautiful! london is fucked


  18. hi,do you have only one part? can you upload more? I also missed the ceremony.

  19. This ceremony itself says it all about the difference between individualism and centralism. Each has its own advantages and disvantages. However, for the meaning and spirit of the Olympic, we all should appreciate it. No politic or jealousy here!!!

  20. Simply amazing. Nobody will ever be able to display such creativity and talent as the opening ceremony in Beijing 2008! After watching the Olympics for over 40 years I have to say this year was the best so far. China — you did well!
    (If only the narrator would have kept quiet. His voice was so annoying.)

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