Viva Carine! Vogue Paris August 2008: Reality Show – Raquel Zimmermann

Written By bryanboy


Editorials like the one below is the exact reason why Vogue Paris reigns supreme in my books. With no suburban soccer moms in their SUVs to cater to, the bold and fierce Vogue Paris Editor-in-Chief Carine Roitfeld shows you what some North American magazines should’ve done a long time ago.

Vogue Paris August 2008, Raquel Zimmermann Anti fur Anti PETA

Click click click for more images. This editorial is mindblowing! THIS IS HOW YOU DO FIERCE! THIS IS HOW YOU DO FEROSHA!

Photographs by Mario Testino featuring Raquel Zimmermann and styled by Carine Roitfeld herself for the August 2008 issue of Vogue Paris.

French Vogue, PETA, Fur is dead, Raquel Zimmermann, Carine Roitfeld


  1. jessica!

    love this editorial, and i don’t even eat meat.
    i am going to buy those monogram stockings. they are fabulous.

    How fierce is she!
    I bet i can count with just a hand the number of womens tha can stand up straight in those LV boots

  3. I don’t get what’s so great about it. It’s not even very original. Sure, great photographer. I see the point that the protesting people are lame and unsexy, but on the other hand, we all know they’re right. You don’t need to be a hippie to know how these clothes are produced these days. Also I think it’s so not pretty. These fashion styles are for people (often from Eastern Europe) that have no taste. They love everything that scream “Look how rich I am!” I think it’s sad.

  4. chelito Villaflor

    this editorial is disgusting shit! it really reflects the sense of self-entitlement of americans.

  5. sara k.

    love love the fur!
    Too bad the weather in the philippines is shit for fur.

  6. I agree with WendyB. I don’t get the fascination with fur – it always looks tacky as hell and I’m glad that I’m not the only one who gets this embarrassing russian nouveau-riche-vibes whenever someone wears it.

  7. Yvette

    i love it
    who the fuck cares if someone likes wearing fur, it’s their business…

  8. youdee

    BB what do you think about Christian Siriano’s collection on
    I just bought a cute dress and i think you’d like some of the (overpriced) tops.

  9. Eclaire

    I love the in-your-face arrogance this editorial portrays. Fur is for the fierce.
    Anti-fur movement, sadly, is a bunch of agenda-driven nonsense. It’s amazing (and frightening) how many people are so easily manipulated by propaganda, with PETA here being the main source of hypocrisy.

  10. Why is it that French fashion mags (Numero’s a big culprit) always have tits out?! They sure love their nudity.
    Carine is super-fierce but what was she thinking picking baggy leather trousers for the shoot?

  11. i respect some peoples decision to wear fur.So if you want to wear fur, wear vintage. why are we still killing endangered animals in this day and age when we know better? make use of what we already have and appreciate it more.

  12. Well, this is an original way to show an actual day problem. I don’t think fur can be tacky, if you wear it correctly. But in the other hand, in fashion, there are so many pieces that you don’t have to limit to fur. Anyway, I don’t understand WHY on Earth, if designers know fur can be a contentious issue, WHY do they keep them using it?
    And that’s not the only thing, skinny models issue is a big problem too. I remember they said they were not using underage models, but this spring-summer and fall-winter last seasons, you see Karlie Kloss, a 15 y. o. girl who’s tall as hell, underage and walks like she has a neck problem. It’s not like I hate her, It’s just that I think the Fashion Industry needs some boundaries.

  13. Love this editorial, so fierce. Raquel looks amazing as always!
    And can I just say, I love fuuuuuur! :D xo

  14. If you want to make an informed decision about fur, watch the channel 4 documentary ‘kill it, skin it, wear it’. Shocked me into a stance on fur after avoiding the issue for a long time. I love fashion, but I hated watching a fox get skinned alive. Even fashion isn’t worth losing your humanity over.

  15. Old Rottenfeld is such a hag.
    Saying “Viva Carine” here is like saying “Viva Carnage.” Some of you sound like spoiled, ignorant brats. So not cute. If you really do love Carine and “hate PETA,” I’ll bet money – lots of it – that you’re not only spoiled and ignorant, but genuinely stupid.
    I’ve always loved fashion and hated cruelty. My best friend is a high-end model, and she refuses to wear fur. If you need to obsess over expensive, status-symbol trinkets, go Stella McCartney instead of Armani, and Nylon instead of Vogue.
    As to the PETA haters here, do a little research: PETA is a totally peaceful organization, unaffiliated with other “terrorist” (silly how people bandy that word about these days) like the ALF (which, by the way, is not an organization, but the title given to many different cells). The People for The Ethical Treatment of Animals are here out of pure compassion and the urge to stop the heartless, useless torture animals endure every day on factory farms and fur farms.
    Animals used for their fur are beaten to death, anally and vaginally electrocuted, drowned, gassed, poisoned, and often skinned alive, while still conscious. The life on a fur farm isn’t any better than the death: animals are crammed into cages too small to even turn around in, often living in their own filth and waste without even the provision of clean water. Many animals die in the cages, and their terrified and often starving cagemates resort to eating the corpses in a desperate attempt to survive. Many animals go insane. As they are lined up for slaughter, they watch the others suffer and die; they recognize what is happening; they feel fear. Animals trapped in the wild aren’t lucky, either: they often suffer for days in steel-jaw traps, waiting and waiting to put out of their misery. Unfortunatly, there’s no peace in death for these animals, when the trappers return to strangle, bludgeon, or stomp them to death.
    Go to for footage. There, you’ll see a little fox, who, after having her skin ripped off her body, blinks helplessly up at the camera. You’ll see a beaver drown slowly. You’ll see bunnies hung upside down, watching their cagemates throats get slits, than bleeding to deaths themselves. All this, for the sake of “fashion.”
    If you wouldn’t do this to your cat or dog, don’t support people who do it to animals JUST LIKE THEM.
    And really, it’s not FASHION. Fashion should look cool, sexy, or beautiful, and none of these adjectives describe fur when you know what’s behind it. If you’re wearing fur, no amount of chic accessories can keep intellegent people from seeing your outside AND inside as UGLY. …Plus, faux fur can be just as nice, and much cheaper. In this socially and ecologically conscious age, wearing fur is simply a pathetic act of conspicuous consumerism.
    If PETA didn’t do what they do, they wouldn’t get the attention they do, and then French Vogue wouldn’t have run these photos: anyone with a soul will see these pictures as “Vogue’s antics,” which, judging by these shots, are more vulgar, innapropriate, trashy, indecent, obnoxious, rude, socially unaware, and stupid than anything PETA’s ever done.

    1. I can’t believe I am seeing these comments! The ignorance of people is unreal. Why do we get to decide animals should be under our jurisdiction. They were here first. It’s their earth. We borrow it from nature….we should nurture it not destroy it: those gorgeous defenceless animals are tortured and can’t defend for themselves. Compassion comes naturally to most of us but to others it isn’t even in their biology :(

  16. …By the way, if you think these protestors are “unsexy” (as if Zimmerman is- she looks garish and scary), well, do you think fur protestors like Natalie Portman, Alicia Silverstone, and Stella McCartnet are unsexy? Looks are arguable, but when someone’s good-looking AND compassionate, well my dirty little brats, THAT is inarguably sexy.

  17. People are happy someone isn’t giving into the PETA bullying. How can a group of nutjobs who say they love animals… treat people so badly? There are other ways of getting your point across. Without these horrible tactics PETA use. Let’s face it some people are going to wear FUR. Get over it! If PETA spent more time helping animals and not terrorizing humans… people would respect them more. I don’t wear fur. But every time PETA comes out with some dumb statement about a celebrity wear a T-shirt (Jessica Simpson). It makes more and more people hate PETA and what they stand for.

  18. Dorothy

    I love the editorial .. for all you cattle this is not only about fur this is also about fashion freedom and the protest to dress the way you want. Why do people have to get all religious .. its just fashion folks.
    I personally dont wear fur or condone the practice for myself. I love animals and abhor any kind of mistreatment on them or any living being but bear in mind that EVERYONE has their own agenda and afterall there is a lot of propaganda. Use your coconuts people dont rely on TV .. please.
    Lets not judge other people and look at the aesthetics of this editorial and the general bold statement being made here. sheesh

  19. taylor101

    O. M. G. I think it is very ridiculous that people would go out of their way to intentionally HATE the organization known as PETA.
    Ever since I saw the animal torture videos, I have joined PETA2, stopped wearing leather, cut out fur from my ways, and gone veg.
    People on this board saying that PETA sucks and fur is amazing, you’re losers.
    But even I must admit, love the Lousi Vuitton “LV” stockings.

  20. Sorry, but I think Stella McCartney, Natalie Portman and Alicia Silverstone ARE un-sexy. They’re preachy, stuffy and self righteous, their heads so far up their own asses it’s a wonder they don’t need breathing equipment. Regardless of Ms. Portman’s good looks, dear me she’s boring. A snippy, prim, whiny voiced little Ivy Leaguer. And then there’s the queen of tepid, Gwyneth Paltrow… eeugh. All the sensuality of a breadstick. If these bland women want to make the anti-fur, ethical trading thing look sexy, they should stay the heck away from it.
    I would never wear fur because of the wretchedly, needlessly nasty ways it is produced (seemingly particularly in China, but maybe that’s classic Western arrogance). And I do think that French Vogue is reductive and ignorant in assuming that there’s no problem with the fur industry. But I can’t bear the middle class habit of tacking onto certain movements because they carry the shock value of gory or heart-rending photographs. There are a million and one things eroding the quality of life of living creatures, but unless we can attach a sentimental image to it no one cares one brown log of doo-doo (sorry).
    News of melting ice caps means nothing until we see a forlorn looking polar bear stranded on a floe. The thousands of men and teenage boys killed by ethnic cleansing in the mid 1990s didn’t hit the Anglo-American world too hard; we needed hovering closeups of wide-eyed and wounded little girls before we decided someone should act. So many people say they ‘care’, but they’re very selective in what they care about, and our instinct for soppiness is key. Order of importance doesn’t stand for nearly as much as whether these issues can be filtered through our increasingly infantile, solipistic and victim centred worldview.
    If French Vogue intended these images as a fierce, grown up, hands-on-hips stand against our milksop media, I get where they’re coming from. But I think they missed the mark. And Jenamia, I’ve seen the video of the skinned fox that you refer to. It’s utterly horrific. But when you spin off into hysterical language like that, cataloguing abuses in the most explicit ways imaginable, people stop reading and only the converted remain til the end. It also has the odd effect of making appear to froth at the mouth excitedly over things you doubtless find abhorrent. Sorry if I’m sounding like a bitch. But I felt compelled to say what I just did. Two weeks without Cadbury Creme Eggs (dieting for a holiday) can drive any poor bitch crazy. Love to ya, people.

  21. My respect for Raquel has diminished quite drastically, wearing fur was something cavemen did because they had no other means to keep warm, nowadays we can make a whole range of synthetics & we have central heating, we don’t need to wear it, it looks tacky, and kind of ridiculously old. Raquel looks like a 60 year old woman strung out on cocaine in these photos.
    The only reason you people ‘love’ fur, is because you don’t have to catch it yourself and make the jacket, you wouldn’t ‘love’ it so much if you had too. I’m guessing Raquel wouldn’t have wanted to do this photo shoot if she had to hunt the animal herself, highlighting the superificial, shallow, and lackadaisical aesthetic of it all. You only want it because it’s there, and you know wearing it will garner all sorts of attention, one of lifes never-ending taboo’s in society.
    If you don’t mind wearing fur, then I’ll come wax your hair off the top of you head & wear it as a wig, same diff.
    I actually can’t bring myself to write anything else without using any abusive language. I have a lot of respect for the fashion industry, and I think a lot of people underestimate it’s importance in our was of life. But the promotion of wearing fur in this day and age is were I point blank refuse to support them; I know it’s not the entire industry that supports it. It almost seems like the fashion industry ie being attacked from within, as a lot of models and photographers refuse to use fur. I recently watched an episode of Janice Dickinson’s Modelling Agency in which the models & Janice took to the street in a “I’d rather go naked than wear fur” Protest, which was really pleasing to watch.

  22. Right on girl! Giving the PETA nutjobs the finger is what they deserve. You look fabulous in your fur & leather and have vigour and vitality. I love seeing a woman of spirit and style behaving like an empowered goddess, living her life to the full, going out and getting what she wants regardless of what others think. PETA can fuck off – fur rocks.

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