Terry's Bistro + Terry's Selection

Written By bryanboy

Terry’s Bistro + Terry’s Selection

My friend and I were craving for steak so we went to this cozy place at Podium mall called Terry’s Bistro after the salon.

Bryanboy eating rib eye steak at Terry's Bistro, Podium mall

Click click click!

Bryanboy trivia #18,773: I always order soup before each meal. While some people order salad or what have you as a starter, I always, ALWAYS get soup. I can’t enjoy a meal properly without having soup first.


  1. manda

    You know, you should try Lemuria. If you haven’t been there. It’s within the HorseShoe Village, Quezon City. Great food, but it’s a really small restaurant so a reservation is required. Really delish. ;]
    For reservations:

  2. Brent

    hahah, coke zero + fatty ass steak + calories galore.
    loves it.

  3. Renzo Navarro

    Why eat with your shades?
    I’ve nothing against it. It’s just that I can’t eat without much light. :P

  4. Aww … you look so cute bebe! And that steak looks delicious. What ever happened to your Marc Jacob white gladiator boots? Lovee you soo much!

  5. mishel

    you rock! steak! yeah! fat!
    think thin thoughts. think thin thoughts

  6. mishel

    bryan boy,
    i’m going back to manila in a few weeks. do you think divisoria is worth the trip? i’m looking for good deals. here in the US, i shop at Zara, Mango…vintage (sometimes)..that level….do you think divi is a waste of time (bad quality clothes?) or not?
    i trust in your judgement!

  7. puzzled

    why on earth would you include reservation details if the service was a bore?

  8. I’m all for fair play. I included their contact details just in case someone wants to try Terry’s for themselves.
    Whenever I read third-party feedback/opinion, it’s still different to have first-hand knowledge and experience on things.

  9. Nadir Tejani

    Ewww. Gross! So much fat in that thing. How can you eat that??

  10. Nadir Tejani

    Ewww. Gross! So much fat in that thing. How can you eat that??

  11. puzzled

    The words “fair play” don’t spring to mine when one thinks of your blog bryanboy. Keep it bitchy, keep it real.

  12. Bryanboy, your bag is soooo nakakaingit. It is gorgeous! Oh and you too, babe.

  13. Charlotte

    The steak seems yummy but looks too rare it has cancer written all over it.

  14. If you’re into steaks, try Gustavus Steak Lounge at 109 C. Palanca St., Legaspi Village. The place just opened and they serve the best USDA Prime steaks in that side of Manila. They serve fabulous oyster too. Prices are good.

  15. Maybe this is me talking nonsense, but it seems like Google isn’t a company run strictly by the top and they seem to be doing quite well.

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