Meet the latest addition to my coterie of craziness. Quick: someone call PETA!

tanya the white kitten

I visited my grandma over the weekend. While there, I went to a store to buy cigarettes and this little white kitten kept meowing and meowing at my direction. I picked up the little pussy, gave it a little stroke and the store owner asked if I want it. I said yes! I know I’m gay alright but I also have a weakness for pussies. So I took her home with me! Haha!

I named her Tanya because she is SOO white and her tail is so long! She reminded me of Tanya Dziahileva. However, the more I look at her face the more I’m thinking “Sasha” (she does look like an oversized lab rat) and alas, it’s been 72 hours and it’s already late for a name change. Ah well.