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Meet the latest addition to my coterie of craziness. Quick: someone call PETA!

tanya the white kitten

I visited my grandma over the weekend. While there, I went to a store to buy cigarettes and this little white kitten kept meowing and meowing at my direction. I picked up the little pussy, gave it a little stroke and the store owner asked if I want it. I said yes! I know I’m gay alright but I also have a weakness for pussies. So I took her home with me! Haha!

I named her Tanya because she is SOO white and her tail is so long! She reminded me of Tanya Dziahileva. However, the more I look at her face the more I’m thinking “Sasha” (she does look like an oversized lab rat) and alas, it’s been 72 hours and it’s already late for a name change. Ah well.


  1. oh my god :D you are so crazy and i love tanya, she´s sexy as hell! please don´t shave her, hairy pussy for the motherfucking win!

  2. Fuhlei

    She looks like a diva in the making. Soon she will have her demands and you better be ready to answer all of it. Good luck though.

  3. Sasha looks like little white lion from one of her photo sessions, so Tanya is better name for your fabulous cat;)

    You should have called her Snow White!
    The pussy needs some “glamah”.
    A cat in Hermes!
    Lick it now
    Lick it good
    Lick it just like you should!

  5. awww… I love pussies, too!
    I used to have two cats back in Manila. Now I have none. Is that Hermès bracelet really for her. Awww… sushal.

  6. Hey BB! lurvvv your pussy, damn stylish pussy! Hermes baybeeeeeee

  7. SKINNY PUSSY in HERMES is the HOTNESS…parang reyna lang ang pose oh…ang FIERCE and FEROCIOUS ng EYES…I LOVE her na teh!

  8. dogs are out! wid ur adoption, i gues ur making the cat as the IT pet these days! its soooo adorabble. i love anything feline too. watch out when she poops.

  9. zeeeee

    oohh thats either a thai cat or an oriental shorthair. it kinda look like u bb. lol

  10. scarlettfever

    LOOOOOVE TANYA! Love you even more for taking her with you!!!! xoxox

  11. so cute! she looks like my little polly jean. it might be an angora cat. polly jean is an angora too!

  12. Dayum, I see you’re already spoiling her with the Hermes, bet she’ll be the fiercest pussy on the block!

  13. OMG now you can splurge on designer pet accessories. Next stop Goyard feeding bowls!
    Remember tho a cat is for life not just for dressing up.

  14. then my polly jean is just a street cat. they’re like twins:))

  15. Tommy Albert

    Not too late to change the name– this one should be called Eartha!

  16. sssandyo

    You don’t have to change her name. How about a nickname? Little T
    Luv ya
    Fashionista on the Edge

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