Sugar Daddy (Classical Remix) – Di Johnston

Written By bryanboy

Sugar Daddy (Classical Remix) – Di Johnston

I finally found the song (used at Dior Couture Fall 2008) that’s been bugging me for weeks! It’s called “Sugar Daddy (Classical Remix)” by Di Johnston. Go go go and buy it on iTunes. I love it!

Christian Dior Haute Couture Fall 2008 Alexandra Agoston, Sugar Daddy (Classical Remix) - Di Johnston

Sing after me: be my sugar daddy… no strings attached. If you’ll be my sugar daddy, you know… I’m okay with that. Be my sugar daddy… we’re just having fun. You can be my sugar daddy. You know, until the next one.


  1. bblover

    thanks for introducing me to this song, bb! c.d. always tend to find some great, never-before-heard-of songs for their shows. unfortch, i couldn’t find this version on myspace. boo hoo.

  2. aww
    that song is available at itunes! it’s worth the 99 cents. dont be a cheapskate… support great talent. i bought the song and i think u should, too ;)

  3. Thanks for the song BB ^^ I listened to some of her songs and i love all of them! :)
    I’m buying her songs + the shanghai restoration project album :)

  4. omg bb, you are the BEST! how’d u find it?! i was just gonna crop it from the original mp3… :x
    thank you so much!

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