Paolo or Martin

Written By bryanboy

Paolo or Martin


I thought I’d do a little fun post. Paolo and Martin are these two chica men that’s been on my radar for quite some time… but I’ve kept my silence because, as you know, I feel uneasy and uncomfy with really chica people. My friends can attest to that. I wanted to blog about them for the longest time but I wasn’t sure how they would react. And then lo and behold comes an email a few days ago from my friend showing another blogger who blogged about Martin and I was like “THAT SKANK GOT TO IT FIRST” (haha just kidding)!!! Sooooo… instead of blogging about them separately, I thought I’d do a poll and hit two pigeons with one stone. Ok ladies and queens… this is Martin. He seriously is the most FASHYON man I have ever seen in my entire life. THIS IS HOW YOU DO FEROSHEEEEYOUS.

and this is Paolo. He’s from Sweden.


Here’s the $64 million dollar question.

Click click click!

BTW Y’all better vote or else I’ll personally send my goons to sort you out.
(and that goes to you too, Kitty, Melissa and Cecile)



Unless I am mistaken, both of them might visit me (haha) the third world sometime this year. Right boys? Separately of course because I don’t think they know each other.

My friends and I are excited. And nervous at the same time. Especially me because I’m petrified of fashyon people. I really am. You think I go around public places to talk to random people while thinking I’m hot shit? Well you are wrong. In fact, I never initiate conversations unless they talk to me first. That’s how scared I am! Do you remember that “FASHION SQUAD” nokia advert? I’m permanently scarred for life because of THIS ad!

Nokia Fashion Squad

In any case, most of the fashyon people I’ve encountered so far are very nice and friendly which is a good thing but you never know. Haha!

Now. Let’s keep this entry simply and straight forward. Enough dilly dally. Let’s play pictionary, shall we?

Like what I said, Martin is hardcore fashyonnn. Jeezus bajeezus.

Check out his threads. Can you imagine being at the opposite side of that table?

Meanwhile, Paolo is, well, let’s just say we’re both cam whores but a) he’s got the looks and b) you certainly would NEVAH see me have blown-up portraits of myself lying around somewhere. All hell would break lose if I ever attempt to do it.LOL.

Now that you’ve seen the entire entry, you may now place your votes at the beginning of this post.

Hope to see you boys soon!

That’s all!

Mwah mwah.


  1. martin is hot and he has person style …A GREAT PERSONAL STYLE …
    hmm i guess i found my style icon :P

  2. i adore your blog!!! i’m a fil am in nyc and have come across this word on several blogs from the philippines and what does “chica” mean. i think i get the gist, but still don’t know. a definition would help me out a lot :D

  3. jasmine

    is this one of those trick questions?
    it seems that you have purposely selected photos of a camp paulo to fool us into thinking he’s gay.
    i think paulo is married.

  4. Wow, I wonder what his job is. The Sart has shot him heaps of times in his blog during fashion weeks. He really pulls the whole ‘cropped suit, shrunken jacket look’, really well.

  5. pooooreza schouler

    forget the two – who’s that guy in the last photo with paulo? he’s my choice!

  6. well in my opinion Paolo is much hotter, he reminds me of some ancient (hot) god’s sculpture. flawless ;) x

  7. Christofu

    Paolo actually knows how to smile. He could be a sweet guy. The other bloke is well, uh, way too serious for his own good.

  8. neither. Both of them are too shiny and polished. They’re like lifeless plastic things in the mall. They lack character for me. They look good yes, but a little too perfect.
    As I’m the most imperfect fucker around i want someone who’s like me.

  9. i love ur blog…
    btw, ur video is featured on

  10. hi bb!
    this is my first time to comment.
    i think martin is too good-looking to be true so i’ll choose paolo.

  11. zsaryn

    I can’t imagine any of those guys as happily married with kids. Both seem gay.

  12. I’d take either one of them. unless there was only one condom…and then id take martin!

  13. Martin has great style and when we are together he looks better than me!! We first met at SG Fahion Week where girls next to me in some upper level VIP area were taking his picture and saying how cute he was as he sat in the front row. Little did I know I would later share a car with him AND embarrass myself by telling him leopard leggings were out. Of course, I failed to find out first that he was from Japan and was light years ahead of me in fashion. He and his wife make a great looking couple!!
    The other guy Paolo is too cute for my existence and too ‘generic’ male model. As it is Martin is more stylish than I am and the last thing I need is some guy BETTER LOOKING than I am.

  14. Alessandra

    Devo ammettere che il look di Martin è davvero cool, Ma tu sei di gran lunga più bello.

  15. Adri Pamplona

    Sorry martin, i prefer Paolo
    i think he is gorgeous from the first time i saw him…3 years ago in Milano….
    so my vote is for him.
    Take care and kisses Pa!!!!
    Ciao from Florence

  16. Ok. That biker jacket and blue leopard jacket are not really Martin’s style. Because it seems like he’s just trying them on at showrooms.

  17. I’m going for the guy in the last pic with Paolo. He’s the guy to the left- and is hottest of them all. Team Mr Anonymous Cool Guy in HOT Sunnies.

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