Sabrina and Her Boy

This is Sabrina and her boy. She likes to dress him up every once in a while. OK. Perhaps a little more than usual.

They recently went “thrift-shopping” and got this jacket. I find it fascinating and cute for someone of a different race to be wearing things the usual Filipino wouldn’t be caught dead in. 

And THIS is Sabrina’s website. Check it out. I love them already. I usually loathe sweet lovey dovey couples for christ-types on the internet (they should all get a room or better yet, DIAF.. and I’m only saying this because I’m a bitter, lonely, miserable queen haha jk) but yes… Sabrina and her boy are soo adorable.

To the throngs of Filipinos on their way out to Sabrina’s blog, I have something to say: hoy mga bakla hinay hinay lang sa pag-sta-stalk. Kilala ko ang mga ugali ninyo. Leave the jowa ALONE! Yun lang pow. Haha. ;)