Rachel Bilson's Chanel Wayfarer Sunglasses

Written By bryanboy

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Stop what you are doing right now and analyze.

Rachel Bilson, Chanel green wayfarers

So tell me buddy, how does Rachel Bilson (in Chanel wayfarers) make you feel?


  1. Disturbing. Couldn’t she have gotten the original Ray Bans? Sure, as it is Chanel, it’s still branded– but why get that when you can get it from the brand that started it all?

  2. The ‘break outs’, people, are what we call ‘not wearing make-up and not Photoshopped to death’. As for the shades, the color & logo is quite hideous if you ask me.

  3. Not a fan of those sunglasses. It looks like she painted on the letters herself. IMO, it cheapens the whole look and Chanel brand.

  4. Paraluman

    Oy, I saw those in black and powder pink some time ago. Really wanted them, but the price at like $540 was too much for something so trendy.
    Pero in fairness cute sha talaga.

  5. anastasia khater

    frOm where can i get them? SOMEONE CAN HELP ME I WANT THEM!

  6. blah. is that really rachel bilson? the green doesn’t suit her. and when did she get those break-outs? omg.

  7. Personally, I like it! I really like rachel bilson, and though the colors look a little too Kermit-the-frog Lego-ish.. it suits her personality really well. Besides, i think those shades came out together with the recent thick plastic bangles fad which seems to be STILL making a scene.

  8. she makes me feel slightly better about myself – she breaks out too!!
    and i also feel ridiculously envious, those shades are HHHOOOOTTTT!!

  9. it doesn’t really matter cuz they’re made by the same factory in italy

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