Quick Update

Oh what a week!

You know what I realized? When a family member’s health is at
stake, the entire world goes into a screeching halt and NOTHING and I
mean NOTHING matters. Everything else is trivial. Anyway, my dad’s
surgery went very well and he’s now recovering. Turns out they had to
remove his appendix. They’re also doing a biopsy and we won’t get the
results in a few more days. They also found a small cyst in one of the
kidneys but it’s according to the doc, it’s congenital. However,
everything is fine and dandy, at this point, we’re relieved. It may
take some time before he goes back to normal but it’s all good.

Meanwhile, our next-door neighbours had a small gathering last night. Apparently it’s been 40 days since they lost the man to lung cancer. How fast time flies eh?  I told my friend earlier, man, we’re all getting old.

Again, thanks everyone for the well-wishes. Thank you so much. I’m gonna do my best to reply individually to all your messages but if I missed anyone, please accept my thanks.

Now let’s bring some normalcy back around here!

Peace, love and Bottega Veneta.