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I am truly, truly grateful for all the press & media exposure over the years. Thank you very much for spreading word about me. It’s such an honor to be recognized!

If you have any questions or if you have requests for high-resolution photos, please feel free to drop me a line at Be sure to carbon copy/cc my other email account, to ensure prompt reply.

Also, if you have seen me elsewhere, please let me know so I could add it on my little press list. :-) Thank you, thank you, thank you!

“Internationally-loved fashion superblogger.”
- New York Times/ T Magazine – The Moment, February 2009 [here]

Teen Vogue logo
“Key Players. They’re not designers, stylists or magazine editors — yet. The next generation of influential fashion forces is making its mark online.”
- Teen Vogue, March 2009 [here]

Teen Vogue logo
“With his sharp wit and cheeky style choices, Manilla-based blogger BryanBoy is on the brink of international stardom. He’s already captured the attention of designer Marc Jacobs, who named a bag from his Fall ’08 collection after him, and we’re sure that this (19-year-old) internet star is well on his way to fashion fame.”
- Teen Vogue, February 2009 [here]

Vogue China

“Marc Jacobs’ favorite trendsetter (Filipino fashion blogger Bryanboy)”
- Vogue China, November 2008 [view scan]
“Bringing androgyny and attitude to the blogosphere since 2004, Bryanboy’s reflections on fashion never fail to entertain.”
- Elle Magazine, July 12, 2008 [here]

Women's Wear Daily
“Move over Victoria Beckham and Imelda Marcos.”
- Women’s Wear Daily, June 23, 2008 [here] [view scan]

Teen Vogue logo
“Boy meets world. We predicted it: bloggers are the new celebrities.”
- Teen Vogue, June 23, 2008 [here]

Conde Nast Portfolio
“Blogs for Brilliant Minds. [Marc] Jacobs’ favorite blog, BryanBoy, a deliciously funny read obsessed with all things fashion”
- Conde Nast Portfolio, April 2008 [here] logo
“A cult read in fashion circles.”
-, May 2, 2008 [here]

Here are some of my recent press mentions. For a full list of publications, including, but not limited to New York
Post, Daily Telegraph, Sabah Turkey, Milk Magazine HK, Elle, Women’s
Wear Daily, WWD,,
Kiss Me Magazine Italy, Corriere Della Sera, Marie Claire Italy, IQONS
Magazine, Style: Magazine Singapore, Vecko Revyn Sweden, Viva China,
Dagens Næringsliv Norway, The Australian, Sun-Herald Sydney, The Age
Melbourne, Sydney Morning Herald, click HERE and HERE to view my online press album.