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In other news, it’s 11PM and my mom + siblings brought my dad to the hospital just now. I’m calling upon the collective powers of my readers to pray for my dad.

Thank you very much.

PS. I’m so scared. I hope this isn’t related to this.

PPSS. Since this is a fashion/pop culture/”me me me” blog, I’d like to remind you that “regular programming” will go on… until there’s a major update. Thank you SO much for your well-wishes and your prayers. I’ll forever be indebted.


  1. DEAR BB

  2. Oh Bryan. :( I hope it’s nothing serious. I’ll be praying for your dad.

  3. Hey.
    Prayers for you and your family! Hope your dad will turn out okay.
    Hope you get some sleep!

  4. Craig from New Zealand

    Thinking of you & hoping you’re dad recovers swiftly – hugs from New Zealand xxx

  5. Bryan,
    my prayers are with you and your family. hope your Dad gets better soon.

  6. Lisa from Cali

    Thoughts and prayers to you and your family BB. Keep the faith.

  7. Your dad is gonna be fine baby, trust me. Be strong for him, he will be fine :o) All the best for you and your family honey.

  8. Your dad is gonna be fine baby, trust me. Be strong for him, he will be fine :o) All the best for you and your family honey.

  9. I hope hes ok :( I know how scary it is when your father is sick…I’m pulling for him and you.

  10. The Prophet

    i am sending my guardian angel, Baet, to watch over your dad and your family. stay strong, B and i wish and pray that tomorrow will be better.

  11. crazy driver

    my heart and prayers go out to you. my dad went through the same thing. pray, pray and pray.

  12. Yan-yan

    We’ll all pray for your Dad’s recovery…
    No matter what happen always remember that God has a purpose for everything…He’s plans are not meant to hurt you but to shape you…
    God Bless….
    God Loves you!

  13. im sorry to hear this, and your father will be in my prayers this week. hope everything works out ok, stay strong.

  14. carlos

    Hope your dad gets well soon. I have faith that he will.
    take care bryan

  15. Dont worry too much, everything will be okay. Im praying for your father and your family right now.

  16. Hi bb, I’ve never posted comments on your blog before but I always always read your blog.
    I hope your dad gets well, I hope it’s just a minor fluke..I will include you in my prayers.

  17. ipagdadasal ko siya…wishing you and your fam all the best =) don’t cry na ='(


    ….God Is Good All The Time, And All The Time GOD IS GOOD….
    -By His Stripes We Are Healed-…BB,my prayers, my heart, my love and my all is with you and your family in this time of heartache. Continue to be strong, not only for your father but for your love ones and yourself. Your Father Will Make It Through.
    Sorrow My Come At Night, But JOY Cometh In The Morning!!!!


    ::holding back tears::
    As I was typing my last comment I was watching this movie called Get On The Bus. As soon as I hit ‘POST’ the credits started rolling and this song by Kirk Franklin called “My Life Is In Your Hands” was playing……
    “..You don’t have to worry. And don’t you be afraid.Joy comes in the morning. Troubles they don’t last always. For there’s a friend named Jesus. Who will wipe your tears away. And if your heart is broken. Just lift your hands and say. Oh,I know that I can make it. I know that I can stand. No matter what may come my way,My life is in your hands. With Jesus I can take it. With Him I know I can stand. No matter what may come my way, My life is in your hands..”

  20. Michael

    Hope your father is going to be okay. I will include your family in my prayers!!

  21. don worry baby cakes. Take it easy. Just continue in prayer always and surrender all to GOD. may he continue to watch you and all at home.

  22. I’m thinking about you, Bryan. I hope everything is alright. I send you major )))hugs((( from California.

  23. paulapoo

    Still praying here for you. I hope things are better today.

  24. my thoughts and prayers are with your dad.i really hope that he gets better soon.
    i feel for you :(
    stay strong

  25. whoa…
    sorry bout that..
    sad story.
    iwish him full fast recovery..
    dont cry anymore..
    just be happy
    everything’s gonna be fine..
    take care po.

  26. Snappy

    Be strong and of good courage. My thoughts and prayers for you, your dad and your family.

  27. i didn’t see the pic the first time i read this. aww. i’m sure he’ll do fine with his surgery today. i think it’ll be nothing compared to raising a le superstar fabuleux child like you. kidding! :-D i’ll pray for his quick recovery…

  28. Hi BB,
    That picture just broke my heart! I’ll be praying for your dad and your entire family, please take care! And be well.
    Lots of hugs and kisses xxoxo

  29. Madonna

    I remember how you wrote about you dad about last year’s gay webbies contest… your dad is the coolest. May he get well soon. And take care BB.

  30. *knotty&red*

    Stay strong BB :)
    This too shall pass :)
    I’ll pray for him and your family! *bighug*

  31. I am with You, wishing Your father and You the best from the bottom of my heart.
    When the BB fans wishes and prayers unite, everything in your world will turn out fine, trust me – sending good energy towards You :).

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