People are People

Written By bryanboy


A few of you out there have been emailing me where I got the coat/jacket/short-sleeved long hoodie watchamacallit thing. I can’t for the life of me figure out what it’s called either but in any case, I bought this… this thing from a high street store here in the flips called People are People for around $40.


  1. Some of People Are People’s stuff are good but with the many stores in SM and Robinsons the cheap people have the same things and they make the look cheap. The average teen from an exclusive school buy clothes from Zara or Topshop some… Folded and Hung.

  2. ericaberica

    I like the shoes. :) Haha.
    Off Topic: You should see the national costumes in Miss Universe. Katawa-tawa. Especially USA.

  3. J. Bean

    …… look like Model Chanel Iman in this pic….and that’s a good thing….and I love that hoodie!!

  4. to bryanboy,
    i do love that you can rock an inexpensive outfit and make it look so high end. that right there really shows what a fashionista is all about. its not about the price tag or name but about finding cheap pieces and making it look like it costs hundreds of dollars…
    to Posted by: p | July 11, 2008 at 04:19 PM
    you are so pretentious.
    “The average teen from an exclusive school buy clothes from Zara or Topshop”
    youre probably one of those people who dont have a sense of style whatsoever and rely on labels to make yourself feel stylish…
    and to be honest with your prized zara is considered the people are people here in nyc.
    but theres nothing wrong with that…:)

  5. heartme

    i love prp too! they have lots of unique finds. and fab dresses for just $5! can you believe that?

  6. That dress/jacket looks really big and baggy on you (not in a good way). Reminds me of a kid dressing up in mum’s dresses.

  7. stephanie

    I actually have the same hoodie watchamacalit thing… Got it in a small shop in my neighborhood for a similar price, I think $29. Love it. Soft warm and looks good anyway you wear it.

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