Oh no they didn't: 303 Gallery, Chelsea

Written By bryanboy

Oh no they didn’t.

I’m anxiously waiting to see the latest copy of NY Post’s Page Six Magazine. From today’s Post:

Marc Jacobs, 303 Gallery, New York, NY

Dayum! This is exactly why y’all should NEVAH EVAH judge people by appearances. Can you imagine being the employee telling Marc Jacobs to fuck off?

Awww! I love Marc. Isn’t it nice to know someone of his stature doesn’t throw his weight around and pull the dreaded “don’t you know who I am” line? He’s soo humble and down to earth! As if I didn’t already know that. LOL.


  1. Fauzi Rassull

    Dear Marc Jacob,
    If you’re a human like us, please for every designer’s sake, get th gallery owner to re-hire the staff asap.

  2. We can’t really blame the employee if she’s really not that updated to popular culture. It really pays to read Bryanboy. :D

  3. How Dare She not Know Marc Jacobs?!!!
    It’s totally her fault she got fired, I mean you shouldn’t judge anyone for their appearance…How could she not know mark??!!
    She was probably being one of those snoty betchesz wHo work at the stores,galleries.w.e
    who look at you as if you couldnt afford anything & are anything but scum.
    I still can’t get over it….
    I mean ok maybe she isn’t into PopCulture but let’s be serious in our society today- WHO ISN’t??????

  4. gobsmackd

    Sensational. Its Edina Monsoon come to life
    “You only work in a shop, you know. Drop the attitude!”
    Too too fabulous.

  5. Awww I love Marc even more now. He is so cute how he just left without even making a fuss about how he is one of the worlds most prominant designers of all time!! I’m so sorry to hear that your dad is in hospital, I’m sending my best wishes to everyone in your family and I hope this all passes over soon. I was the style assistant at a fashion shoot for a label/shops campaign yesterday, if you feel like keeping your mind off things you can check out the ‘behind the scenes’ pics in my blog. All my love & warm wishes for your dad, Kara xoxo

  6. Victoria

    It’s ok to not know who someone is. It’s true, never judge someone by how they look. I know a bunch of people who look rich but live the life all on credit. Then there are the millionaires I know who look like working class people.

  7. Sharon

    OH PLEEZZZZZZ!!!!!!!
    marc jacobs should know better than to go to an upscale gallery looking like shyte!!!!! Everybody doesn’t know his azz!!! Gawd knows he shouild be kicked out the country for destroying the classic beauty of the LV bag!!!!! And obviously the so-called low level employee had to be new and not know that jacobs sometimes comes in slumming!!!
    Now marc knows how it feels to be black!!!

  8. He probably came in all cracked out after a 3 day binge smelling of butane, booze and urine. I would’ve thrown his ass out too.

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