Gossip girl

In this day and age of the internet, it’s fair for me to say that I have seen it ALL. Yes! Take my word for it. Think of something disgusting or think of a taboo… chances are, I have probably seen it all online. And then some. This is why IMO, I’m the hardest person to offend in the world. I’m also the first one who will say “so what” or “meh”. Well, not until now.

I just finished reading this recent article from the New York Times (written by Ruth La Ferla) on how people seem to keep track of what the kids at Gossip Girl are wearing versus the actual storyline/show itself.

Grown-up women, too. Leigh Luttrell, 26, who works for an advertising agency in New York, would like to buy a party frock with a plunging back she recently saw on the show. “I loved that style; I’ve actually been looking for it,” Ms. Luttrell said.

Since when did 26-year olds became “grown-up women”? That’s just flat-out rude and downright offensive! We’re talking about 26-year olds not women in their 40s or 50s!

OK FINE WHATEVER. I know I have issues with aging and letting go of youth (WHAT YOUTH?!?!?!) but come on!!! Are people in their mid-twenties a bunch of geriatrics? Ugh!

/rant over