Mr. Right, Mr. Maybe, Mr. Good Enough.

Written By bryanboy

Mr. Right, Mr. Maybe, Mr. Good Enough.

Ladies and gentlegays, here’s something for you to answer. No buts, ifs and definitely no exceptions. If you are a straight male, kindly replace all the male bits with female bits.

mr right, mr maybe, mr good enough

Answers on a postcard!


  1. balotboi

    i’ll choose clay…i only have to brush his hair and polish his nails. then we’ll have threesome with the cheater guy…
    care to join bb? it will make a great porn. “Lezbots in action” jajajaja!

  2. lol i can’t bear the thought of waking up next to a bald man bb!

  3. xnoelle25

    seriously? i’m shocked by the answers here. why be in love with beautiful cold, hard stone that doesn’t love you back. and why marry for just money so you might risk losing him because you end up cheating on him for love. i’m all about the balance. and well, hey, bald can often be hot, and people shouldn’t be judged too much just because they can’t use their legs…

  4. gosh…this is a tough one….i think i’ll opt for being single

  5. anoba, N/A! hahahahahahahahahahahaha LOL
    btw, if moderate man (or in my case woman) old and dying, then yes. hahahaha or not. i don’t think so! i can buy myself whatever w/o a rich ghel. lonely boy is dat chu???

  6. My husband is a cross beween three of them.
    His got Extremely good looks, moderate endowment, nice bone structure, extremely horrible finances and pungent odour.

  7. heartme

    damn. i don’t like any of the choices. i’ll just go for bryanboy!:))

  8. Oh God. I’d rather stay single for the rest of my life. Any of the above would be RAPE! AHAHA.

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