Milk Magazine, Hong Kong

Written By bryanboy

Milk Magazine, Hong Kong

Yippee! Vicky from Hong Kong sent me these scans of the latest issue of Milk Magazine in Hongkong. I find it hilarious how they changed the word “gay” to “glam” because a) we all know I’m far from glam and b) the word “glam” is reserved for people like Ruffa Gutierrez or Hong Kong star Mira Yeh, etc. Truly glamorous people if you know what I mean. Haha! *wink*


  1. “b) the word “glam” is reserved for people like Ruffa Gutierrez”

  2. Because to some old darned people in hong kong the word “gay” sounds offending, IDK why.

  3. David

    Now. If you could only find a way to truly cash in on your ever expanding notoriety …

  4. David… I know, right? hahaha!
    Well… that ain’t gonna happen as long as I’m here in the cesspit of the third world!!!!!

  5. phoebe

    bryanboying cuz youre so bading!!!!
    hahahahahaha loves it bryan!!! bagay sa yu!!!

  6. jordi

    HiHI, im Jordi who work as a fashion reporter from MILK magazine, and the BRYANBOYING is my work, thanks for you all ! LOVE it!

  7. Debby

    glad tht u like it bryanboy…GLAM!!!
    This is Debby from MILK Magazine HK, I love Jordi article & this topic too, I’m proud of her…hehehe…
    we are bryanboying….yeahyeah!!!!

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