Marc Jacobs BB Bag @ Nylon Magazine August 2008

Written By bryanboy

Marc Jacobs BB Bag @ Nylon Magazine

I know I’m practically shoving the Marc Jacobs BB bag to your face but please allow me to do so before Fall 2008 fades into oblivion. We all know the Spring 2009 shows are just around the corner and I want this good feeling to last! One of my readers (thanks Regina!) sent me scans of the August 2008 issue of Nylon magazine and lookie lookie at what she found. It’s the Marc Jacobs Sunburst BB bag in baby blue!


  1. I like ! I like!
    The BB bag in baby blue color looks nice ;)
    and hey Bryan, cheer up! Your dad’s gonna be fine..


    love love love the blue BB BAG……and those ankle boots, OMGAG! I WANT THEM!!! who are they by?
    happy to hear your DAD is doing OK!!!!!!!

  3. Bryanboy, my love, I was just about to scan the NYLON page for you but I see Regina beat me to it. Isn’t the attention that your bag is getting amah-zing!
    I’m sending you prayers for your dada’s speedy recovery.

  4. Hey, bb! I got the Off the Deep End in the grey/taupe and pink–loves it!
    Keeping your family in my thoughts. Take care, lovely.

  5. fayantoinette

    the bag is gorgeous and Im so glad MJ decided to name it after you! i think i have to starve myself for a few weeks so i can save up and buy the purse =P haha

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