Luxury Brands & Fashion Designer Pronunciations

Written By bryanboy

Luxury Brands & Fashion Designer Pronunciations

Chanel not Channel. Versace not Versays. So how the hell do you pronounce A. Lange & Söhne, purveyor of very fine watches? What about Hervé Léger, who is now being designed by Max Azria?

Olga Sherer, Herve Leger Fall Winter 2008
My head bitch in charge, the fierce Olga Sherer at Hervé Léger fall/winter 2008-2009. Photo via Getty.

Well, The Imperial Hotel Management College of Canada made these videos on how to pronounce your favourite luxury brands. Click click click!

How do you pronounce Christian Louboutin?

How do you pronounce Vacheron Constantin?

How do you pronounce Piaget?

How do you pronounce Patek Philippe?

How do you pronounce A. Lange & Söhne?

How do you pronounce Baume & Mercier?

How do you pronounce Cartier?

How do you pronounce Franck Muller?

How do you pronounce Girard-Perregaux?

How do you pronounce Jaeger-LeCoultre?

How do you pronounce Yves Saint Laurent?

How do you pronounce Versace?

How do you pronounce Thierry Mugler?

How do you pronounce Romeo Gigli?

How do you pronounce Lucien Pellat-Finet?

How do you pronounce Louis Vuitton?

How do you pronounce Loewe?

How do you pronounce Hervé Léger?

How do you pronounce Givenchy?

How do you pronounce Hermès?

How do you pronounce Comme des Garçons?

How do you pronounce Chloé?

How do you pronounce Balmain?

How do you pronounce Ermenegildo Zegna?

Fun eh?


  1. Nihan Çumralıgil

    Great and valuable entry, sometimes those names become bitches and you lost all focus when you are trying to pronounce them :)

  2. so i was RIGHT ABOUT CHLOE !!!!!!!! everyone would be saying the english “chloe” rather than the french one !!! :P !!
    and yes i had few gals saying ” CHANNEL”
    and also the models name !!! can someone start videos of model name pronunciations!!!! so many gals and soooo much new names !! its always painful !!!

  3. Snappy

    When I was in college I forced myself to take French lessons at the Alliance Francaise bec. when I was in art class my teacher horribly mispronounced a lot of French artists names. The French language is a lot more consistent than the English. Learn it and learn it well. Who doesn’t want to be a sophistocrat here? Let me hear you.

  4. did they get this from or it’s the other way around. whatevs. this is so fun! haha fasyon class: reading and speech 101 haha
    how about Ghesquière?

  5. Snappy

    Lanvin is pronunced almost like lawn van. One needs to learn the French basics to really say it right. Watching French movies is plus like Goddard and Truffaut.

  6. It pays to first know where the name comes from (or the designer). Your examples are a mix of mostly French names/designers and some Italian and German. Europeans don’t have a problem pronouncing these as they are exposed to the different languages in Europe, but outside Europe, it is indeed a challenge.

  7. Sorry, why are we asking Canadians about good French pronounciation? That’d be like asking Americans how to pronounce English correctly.. disaster!

  8. that is an awesome post byran.i don’t have problems with french designers’ and models’ name but sometimes italian names are tricky for the last vid.thanks and keep up the terrific work.greetings from hungary.

  9. Snappy

    Another tricky name. How do you say Proenza Schouler?
    It’s pro-in-za skoo-ler.

  10. bluecandyboy

    i remember Anna Wintour pronounced it in a video posted by bryan on his very own blog as shoe-ler, oh well… Anna Wintour she is.

  11. btw did you know a lot of people (in germany;-) pronounce ralph lauren like a french name? and he is soso freakin’ american… the zegna stuff i di not know either! great idea. and how do you pronounce MIU MIU ;-)?

  12. Abhishek

    Can anyone please tell me how do say ” ROLEX” .. I mean lot of people say it as plain ROLEX where as few call it as Lolek.. which is right ?

  13. I’m Italian and listening to Italian fashion designer names(Ermenegildo Zegna, Romeo Gigli and Versace)has been quite funny! I understand that some sounds from foreign languages are really difficult to pronounce (I know I’ll never be able to pronounce some English sounds properly) but at least in this kind of examples they should be pronounce perfectly!!

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