Luisa Via Roma: From Firenze With Love

Paging Anton Huang, Eman Pineda and Jappy Gonzales… watch and learn. Haha. JK! ;-)

Now. Let me tell you my dear readers that the internet is truly a magical, magical place. Think about it. After all these years and with EVERYTHING that I’ve said and done online, both you and I should know that miracles happen with a click of a mouse.

Luisa Via Roma box

Something magical occurred again last week. Click click click!

A midnight blue box arrived via FedEx over the weekend
from one of the most exclusive and fashion-forward stores in the world, the Florence, Italy-based
Luisa Via Roma. I love LVR. Their inventory is very impressive as they stock the latest and the greatest from fashion’s finest: Balenciaga, Lanvin, Givenchy, Marc Jacobs, Yves Saint Laurent, Rick Owens, Giambattista Valli, Pierre Hardy, Chloe, Dior Homme and many, many, many more. Not only they offer a very high level of service, the folks at LVR know how “things” work and they are ahead of the pack. They ship worldwide. Fast. Also, they are always the FIRST to publish their merchandise online — this is how I found out about the BB bag back as early as June! My love for their store is unwavering. They are truly one of the best… which is why I’ve supported them for years.

Luisa Via Roma
Photo: Claudio Nardi Architects

Anyway, back to the magical box.

I’ve been busy the entire weekend due to my mom’s birthday and a family reunion on her side so I haven’t had the chance to open the little parcel of love. Let’s open it now, shall we?


I wonder what’s inside…

Inside one of the small packets is Florence Extraordinary, an annual book guide featuring everything you could possibly need in Florence — maps, restaurants, cafes, shops and more.

Let’s open the envelope…

Wishes? Dreams? Are you thinking what I’m thinking????

It can’t possibly be…

Oh my gosh! I am utterly, utterly speechless. I just made my wishlist and obsessed/blogged about Lanvin a few days ago… and then comes this amazing surprise. I’m shocked!

Lanvin Bow T-shirt

The Lanvin tee is so beautiful and luxurious. I really love
the design… it’s so me! It’s better than what I imagined! I tried it
on and it feels so soft on the skin, almost like butter. I simply have
no words!

I went ahead and put the tee on a hanger and a bag… simply a GREAT and PRICELESS addition to my closet. This is too precious and too much! I’ll only wear this on special occasions… like birthdays, events, even reincarnations… haha ;)

lanvin top

To my friends at Luisa Via Roma, thank you, thank you, thank you. Grazie.

Vi ringrazio di cuore, per aver esaudito con la vostra gentilezza un mio prezioso desiderio. Siete riusciti a portare felicit√† fino all’altra parte del globo!

Mi sento davvero speciale!!!!!!!

Wow. Just WOW!!!!!! My emotions are running high right now. I need a glass of water. This is truly a dream come true. Again, thank you.