Linda Evangelista for Harper's Bazaar August 1993

Written By bryanboy

Linda Evangelista for Harper’s Bazaar August 1993

How beautiful is this image? This is Harper’s Bazaar’s cover exactly 15 years ago. Before they had airbrushing and all that hoola baloo, Linda Evangelista managed to look elegant, timeless, and yes, modern.

Linda Evangelista, Harper's Bazaar August 1993

15 years later, they have this. Jessica Biel for Harper’s Bazaar August 2008.

Jessica Biel, Harper's Bazaar USA August 2008 cover

Well? Which cover do you like best? One step forward, fifteen steps back?

PS. Jeezus Bajeezus. Can you believe 1993 was 15 – yes – FIFTEEN – years ago?


  1. youdee

    Well the airbrushing thing isn’t exactly true, they didn’t have photoshop back then but they could still airbrush photographs, even in the 70s/80s. They had to modify the actual film and it took time and skill to do it, almost an art – that’s why the airbrushing is so subtle and natural looking, they took more time with lighting and makeup so that they only needed minimal post-production editing. Nowadays anybody with Photoshop can airbrush and it ends up looking like that rubbery, plastic disgrace on the 2008 cover.
    Linda > any girl on a cover nowadays.

  2. I prefer the August 1993 issue with Linda E. Classic, Simple yet elegant. 2008 cover doesn’t even look like Jessica.

  3. sandie

    The worse thing is that we see the same celebs on the cover every year when they are so many others out there that we would like to see. They airbrushed people before, but people didn’t notice it as much as they do now. Who wants to see imperfect models? Nobody! I even feel offended when I see ads w/ fat people or the so call “real” people. I preferred them airbrushed; otherwise I wouldn’t buy the mags. I am just being honest.

  4. electric

    I like the Linda cover sooo much better. Jessica doesn’t do much for me…I know lots of people go crazy for her, but her nose looks to sharp. And when she’s not all done up, she looks severe. Linda is forever gorgeous!

  5. harvey

    You can’t compare a designer’s cover with a commercial cover like that. The direction has changed. The cover with Linda may look stylish as it portrays the minimalism, but it does not attract the major buyers who don’t really “understand” what minimal means. Typical buyers’ thinking, who believe more is more.
    Well, as a designer, I admit that this a plastic era, where people is not real and natural.

  6. Airbrushing is a slap in the face to the model and photographer. I cannot tell you how sick I am of celebs on covers, too. BORING, no? I want visually stimulating, directional, and beautiful covers like those on French and Italian Vogue. American mags need to get with it.

  7. A part in Chuck and Larry does not a Harper’s cover girl make….
    Linda is soooo much better!

  8. Oh how lovely, this cover came out on the month and year of my birth.
    Linda all the way, she looks gorgeous!

  9. 15 years ago? wtf? Crazy how time goes.
    Why must the covers of magazines be so cluttered? Harpers Bazaar has nothing on Elle these days.

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